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BNH's ADVISOR Enterprise Selected to Manage Training Requirements for the Canadian Surface Combatant Program

BNH's ADVISOR Enterprise Selected to Manage Training Requirements for the Canadian Surface Combatant Program

MONTREAL, QC -- April 28, 2021 -- BNH Expert Software Inc. proudly announced today their contribution to the Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) design contract by Irving Shipbuilding. BNH flagship product ADVISOR Enterprise will support Irving Shipbuilding in managing the training requirements of the largest, most complex procurement project ever undertaken by the Government of Canada to-date.  As the Prime Contractor for CSC, Irving Shipbuilding will bring their modern and innovative approach to the construction of 15 ships at Halifax Shipyard. These state-of-the-art vessels will replace the Royal Canadian Navy’s Halifax-Class frigates and Iroquois-Class destroyers.


BNH Training Management System ADVISOR Enterprise accelerates and simplifies Training Needs Analysis by continually realigning training courses and activities with operational requirements; and keep pace with changes to missions, systems, jobs, policies, and technologies. By quickly identifying gaps, duplications or inefficiencies, training for the Royal Canadian Navy can be streamlined while uncovering cost drivers, improving resource allocation, mitigating bottlenecks, and optimizing training delivery. ADVISOR conducts daily top-down and bottom-up analyses to examine training requirements and activities throughout the organization. The results are presented in clear, concise, and actionable Dashboards to quickly convey critical information to users.


“ADVISOR Enterprise is the definitive Training Management System to support the Canadian Surface Combatant project,” said President of BNH Expert Software Inc. J. (Jay) Bahlis, Ph.D., P. Eng. “As the missions and systems for these multifaceted ships change over the course of the next thirty years, ADVISOR will continually realign training to operational requirements to forecast the impact of change and uncover areas of improvement.”


ADVISOR preserves training integrity by quickly identifying how changes to missions, systems, policies, or guides can impact jobs, tasks, courses, lessons, and objectives. With its centralized database that can be accessed in real-time, ADVISOR simplifies data manipulation and report generation, reducing the time needed to conduct training needs analysis by up to 50%. 


About BNH

Since 1987, hundreds of military, corporate and government agencies worldwide have relied on BNH to continually improve their training effectiveness and efficiency. By identifying and managing training requirements, along with forecasting training budgets, personnel, and resources, BNH seamlessly streamlines training needs analysis for any organization. For more information, visit www.bnhexpertsoft.comPlan better… Achieve more!


About ADVISOR Enterprise

ADVISOR has a proven track record. It supports multiple military standards, is recognized by CFITES, and has been successfully implemented on multiple projects in Canada, US, UK, Australia, Netherlands, Singapore and Brazil, including: Joint Strike Fighter (JSF), Tactical Airlift (C130J), Operational System Training Provider (OTSP), Medium Heavy Lift Helicopter (MHLH), Air Force Technical Training Renewal (ATTR), Polar Icebreaker (PIB), Arctic Offshore Patrol Ship (AOPS), Army Land Vehicle Crew (LVC) Training, Basic Wing Course (BWC), Military Flying Training System (MFTS), Defence Training Review (DTR), Maritime Helicopter (CH148), Blackhawk (H-60), King Stallion (CH-53K), Poseidon (P-8) and Future Pilot Training (FPT) Program (http://www.bnhexpertsoft.com/our-clients/).  ADVISOR Enterprise is a web based platform that can be accessed through the Cloud or installed on a local Server, consists of 8 modules that can be used separately or in combination to meet various needs and can be customized in line with requirements (http://www.bnhexpertsoft.com/products/).


Video with Dr. Jay Bahlis:  https://youtu.be/6kBmrE_u4wQ



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