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July 11, 2023 | Local, Aerospace

Statement on a joint coalition on F-16 training of the Ukrainian Air Force

July 11, 2023 – Ottawa, ON – National Defence / Canadian Armed Forces

The Ministers of Defence of Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden and the United Kingdom share the conviction that continued support to Ukraine is of utmost importance in the light of Russia’s brutal and unprovoked aggression.

The parties agree that in order to assist Ukraine in the defence of its airspace, they will establish a joint coalition on training of the Ukrainian Air Force in operating and maintaining F-16 fighter aircraft, in accordance with the necessary authorizations and with the possibility to include other types of fighter aircraft at a later stage.

The parties agree to commence training of relevant Ukrainian pilots, technicians and support staff, which will provide the Ukrainian Air Force with basic capabilities of operating, servicing and maintaining F-16 fighter aircraft. This includes making relevant equipment, trainers and other staff available for such training. All training activities will be conducted outside of Ukraine.

The coalition’s focus will be on training, but will also in due course be ready to consider other lines of effort related to ensuring Ukraine a fully functional F-16 capability.

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    We are looking for suppliers with the capacities required for presentation to a prime contractor!

    We are looking for technology suppliers who could meet the needs presented below. The selected companies will then be put in contact with the client to present their technology during a webinar. Tactical Systems Innovative ID Technology Small SWAP cooperative ID Systems Use of Quatum Technologies for secure comms/ID Processing Independent multi-core processing Dal B capability Additional Opportunities: Small efficient GaN transmitters Crypto capability-IP/FPGA-based CSAC Time Standards-Printed Flex Circuits Any technology that could provide SWAP enhancements Mission Computer Product needs and Collaboration Opportunities Innovative Thermal packaging Solutions Additional Opportunities Rugged OpenVPX capability Fast prototyping-switches and processors Cybersecurity and multi-level security Optical ISR Product Needs and Collaboration Opportunities Image Processing Hyperspectral sensors and processing Focus on low cost low SWAP expendable Additional Opportunities for innovative technologies supporting WAMI Enhancement-sensitivity, SWAP, Affordability Focal planes Optical components Beam steering Antenna Product Needs and Collaboration Opportunities Meta-Material Capabilities Reduced profile Wider Bandwidth Increased Radiated power FSS-based metamaterials for cavity resonators RF absorption Patch antennas with better directivity STAP Algorithms Support for controlled radiation pattern antenna products Materials for extreme environment Ultra high temp RF materials Ultra high temp adhesive Thermal protective radome material High tempRF connectors Space Systems Challenge problems Modelling and models for single event effects on semiconductor components space packaging for thermal management, use of non-hermetic packaging in space Rad-tolerant FPGA software-defined radio technology beyond 2012-generation devices small size laser bean director for 100 urad class open loop repeatability low cost precision optical assembly methods for small quantity complex designs suitable for field environmental conditions Communications and Navigation Solutions Technical Challenges Communications in congested spectrum Dynamic spectrum access, interference mitigation (signal processing and nulling) Efficient Use of Processing Resources Dynamic Partial FPGA Reconfiguration, efficient auto code generation Navigation Assured position navigation and timing techniques Networking Technologies Directional networking, mesh networking, network management of Link 16 systems Open architecture systems 3U VPX open architecture hardware, software, and waveforms Other Technologies Link 16 for LEOs, free space optical communications, multi-band power amplifiers for VHF, UHF and L-band Communications, multi-function phased arrays and phased array enabling technologies If you think you have the requested capabilities, send your information to: Pauline Breyton

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  • Thales Canada invests in Virtual Marine’s ship simulation system

    October 9, 2018 | Local, Naval

    Thales Canada invests in Virtual Marine’s ship simulation system

    Thales has invested in Canada-based Virtual Marine's embedded ship simulation system as part of a new multi-phase research and development project. With an investment of more than $315,000, the project will involve development of a ship simulator for use across a range of platforms and projects in both naval, coastguard and commercial applications. Primarily it will support advanced platform testing and integration requirements for the Royal Canadian Navy programmes such as Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ships and Joint Support Ships In-Service Support (AJISS). Virtual Marine chief technical officer and executive vice-president Randy Billiard said: “The Ship Simulator Research project will result in a more innovative and technologically advanced ship simulator software product that will build on existing simulation technologies to enhance integration support and training options for prime defence integrators. “It will be tested by users who understand the need to properly de-risk systems for safe and full operational integration. This project will further position Virtual Marine as a leading and innovative provider of marine simulation solutions.” The research project will leverage Thales's extensive software engineering expertise and capabilities in big data, connectivity, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity to upgrade baseline technology. The 12-month project will help provide the company with improved embedded navigation simulation capabilities support. In August last year, Thales received a C$800m AJISS contract from the Government of Canada to provide in-service support, refit, repair, maintenance and training to the Canadian Navy's Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ships (AOPS) and Joint Support Ships (JSS).

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