Looking for suppliers and international partners for your defense and national security solutions?

The complex supply chains needed to maintain efficient production and the constant technological innovations used to increase product performance require solid partnerships with specialized international exporters. SDQuébec is your access to these experts.


How can Quebec (Canada) fulfill your complex procurement needs?

With 640 companies nationally exporting 60% of their sales, Canada is a top-tier producer internationally in the fields of defense and national security. Representing 33% of Canadian exports, in addition to having recognized centers of excellence, Quebec has positioned itself as the market of choice within the country. From research to design, production to export, Quebec specialists are innovative, flexible, and can respond to the rapidly changing technologies of today’s global market.


From aerospace to cybersecurity, discover our fields of expertise.

We design and build security, communication, simulation and surveillance systems, military equipment, maintenance services, vehicles, structural elements, and components of ships, firearms, missiles, rockets, ammunition and more.

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Our portal connects the different international stakeholders in the defense and national security industry supply chains. Membership gives you access to the largest pool of Quebec suppliers available and allows you to make secure calls for tenders with one click.

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