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Le Canada augmente la part de sa contribution au développement du chasseur F-35

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  • The Liberals want to 'refresh' the shipbuilding strategy. What does that mean?

    15 août 2018 | Local, Naval

    The Liberals want to 'refresh' the shipbuilding strategy. What does that mean?

    Murray Brewster Recent comments by a parliamentary secretary had Irving asking for a public commitment to the strategy The federal government has been quietly debating a "refresh" of its marquee — but troubled — national shipbuilding strategy, federal documents reveal. A memorandum to the deputy minister of Finance, obtained by CBC News under access to information legislation, notes there was "tangible progress" in ship construction last year, but also references impending production gaps at the two designated shipyards: Irving-owned Halifax Shipyard and Seaspan in Vancouver. The size and scope of the "policy refresh" was not made clear in the heavily redacted memo, dated Jan. 23, 2018. Officials at Public Services and Procurement Canada were asked to explain, but did not produce a response by Tuesday evening. As recently as last week, government officials were insisting they were still committed to the strategy. Still 'broken'? During the last election campaign, the Liberals pledged to fix the "broken" procurement system and invest heavily in the navy. Conceived under the Conservatives but embraced by the Liberals, the national shipbuilding strategy has been plagued by delays and ballooning cost estimates in the building of both warships and civilian vessels. Critics have long complained it would be cheaper and faster for Canada to buy offshore from foreign competitors. It also remains unclear whether the build-in-Canada provision that is at the heart of the strategy is up for consideration in the reset. Much of the icebreaking fleet belonging to the coast guard is in need of replacement — a critical gap that led the government recently to set aside $610 million for the refurbishment of three commercial ships. Similarly, the navy has been forced to lease a replenishment ship because of delays associated with the Joint Support Ship program. Confidential sources in the defence community said the review is being driven partly by a yet-to-be completed assessment of the coast guard, which has — according to a 2015 statutory assessment — among the oldest coast guard fleets in the world. The retooled policy is expected to be ready this fall, the sources said, and will also encompass updated budget estimates and timelines for delivery. Last spring, CBC News reported the federal government had received a revised delivery schedule for vessels being constructed at Seaspan. But it refused to release it. The new timetable, which apparently forecasts delays outside of the company's control, is politically sensitive. It speaks to issues at the heart of the breach-of-trust case against Vice Admiral Mark Norman, the military's second-highest commander — in particular, the program's inability to deliver ships in a timely manner. Full Article: https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/liberals-shipbuilding-navy-refresh-1.4785465

  • Électrification des camions lourds: Effenco débarque à Paris pour conquérir l’Europe

    7 juin 2019 | Local, Terrestre

    Électrification des camions lourds: Effenco débarque à Paris pour conquérir l’Europe

    MONTRÉAL | L'entreprise montréalaise Effenco, qui se spécialise dans l'électrification des camions lourds, s'installe en France afin de partir à la conquête du marché européen. C'est un contrat de 3 millions $ signé au début de 2019 avec Derichebourg Environnement qui a fait croître la demande pour les solutions d'Effenco sur le vieux continent. Cette entreprise internationale a décidé d'opter pour la technologie hybride électrique Active Stop-Start d'Effenco afin d'équiper ses camions à benne affectés à de nouveaux contrats de collecte dans la Ville Lumière. «À la suite de l'entente avec Derichebourg, nous avons reçu de nombreuses expressions d'intérêt et conclu des ententes additionnelles avec des flottes et manufacturiers de camions en Norvège, en Italie, en Suisse ainsi qu'en Espagne», a indiqué David Arsenault, président et cofondateur d'Effenco, par communiqué. «Plusieurs centaines d'unités seront ainsi progressivement déployées dans différentes villes européennes au cours des deux prochaines années, a ajouté l'homme d'affaires. Nous sommes confiants que nos ventes à l'exportation atteindront d'ici trois ans quelque 100 millions $.» La technologie hybride électrique d'Effenco permet de réduire de 30 % les émissions de gaz à effet de serre des camions, qui sont également plus silencieux, un avantage en milieu densément peuplé. https://www.journaldequebec.com/2019/06/06/electrification-des-camions-lourds-effenco-debarque-a-paris-pour-conquerir-leurope

  • It's Official: Canada's CF-18 Hornet Fighters Are Set To Get New Advanced Radars

    27 septembre 2021 | Local, Aérospatial, C4ISR

    It's Official: Canada's CF-18 Hornet Fighters Are Set To Get New Advanced Radars

    AN/APG-79(V)4 radars are part of a badly needed upgrade package for Canada's legacy Hornets as the country continues to struggle to buy new fighters.

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