31 mai 2019 | Local, Aérospatial

GDMS-Canada & Laflamme Aero Showcase Unmanned Helicopter at CANSEC 2019

General Dynamics Mission Systems–Canada will showcase Laflamme Aero's LX300 Customizable Unmanned Helicopter – a Canadian-built, multi-mission and multi-role unmanned helicopter that can perform missions over land and sea – at CANSEC 2019.

General Dynamics recently signed a co-operation agreement with Laflamme Aero to promote the LX300 for defence and security opportunities in Canada and internationally. The agreement will also support advances in manned-unmanned operations, autonomy, network security and human-machine collaboration in common mission management systems.

“Navies and Coast Guards around the globe are seeking alternate options to manned platforms for multi-mission roles such as maritime patrol and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance,” said David Ibbetson, vice president and general manager of General Dynamics Mission Systems–International. “Through this co-operation agreement with Laflamme Aero, we are pleased to move the needle on defence innovation in the process.”

The LX300 is designed and built to meet helicopter certifications and standards. Its advanced tandem-rotor technology and the ability to carry 90kgs of payload will allow for sustained operations in multiple mission types. It also features aeronautical grade composite materials for blades and airframe and eliminates vibration at its source using advanced rotor technology.

“The strength of this agreement lies in the complementarity of our two companies,” said Enrick Laflamme, president of Laflamme Aero. “Our helicopter, designed with aerospace standards in mind and incorporating innovative technologies, integrates seamlessly with the advanced and integrated solutions of General Dynamics to provide the best solution for the security and defence industry."


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