12 janvier 2023 | Local, Aérospatial

Achats de F-35 : Des travaux de 500 M$ à prévoir à Bagotville

Des travaux d'au moins 500 millions de dollars auront lieu à la base militaire de Bagotville, à Saguenay, en vue de l’acquisition par Ottawa de 88 appareils F-35.


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  • Economic Benefits of Defence Spending

    14 janvier 2022 | Local, Aérospatial, Naval, Terrestre, C4ISR, Sécurité

    Economic Benefits of Defence Spending

    Neither the December 2021 economic and fiscal update nor the 2021 budget contained much new spending for defence beyond some very targeted incremental funding to deal with more recent issues not covered in the 2017 defence policy. These issues include NORAD’s renewal, increased support to the NATO alliance and funding for operations and resources to address sexual misconduct and gender-based violence. This should not be surprising to those who follow defence issues. The 2021 budget emphasizes that the 2017 defence policy, Strong Secure Engaged, “set out a vision for a long-term, fully-funded plan to renew and re-equip the Canadian military, built around people.” Perhaps more important for DND’s longer term funding requirements are the projected deficits in the budget, beginning at $354 billion in FY20-21 and reducing to $30 billion in FY 2025-26. Historically, when governments in Canada face large deficits and start reducing costs, the largest discretionary spending category – defence – invariably takes a hit. Based on the government’s desire to focus on getting Canadians back to work by promoting innovation and small business, it is worth discussing whether continuing defence spending at the levels planned in Strong, Secure, Engaged will help achieve those goals.

  • Opportunité du programme IDEeS | L’environnement protégé des Systèmes aériens sans pilotes 2022
  • Autonomous security vehicle to patrol Edmonton International Airport perimeter fence

    25 juillet 2018 | Local, Terrestre, Sécurité

    Autonomous security vehicle to patrol Edmonton International Airport perimeter fence

    Edmonton International Airport Press Release An autonomous security all-terrain vehicle (ATV) developed by the Alberta Centre for Advanced MNT (microprocessor and nanotechnology) Products (ACAMP) is ready to patrol the perimeter security fence at Edmonton International Airport (EIA). The unarmed vehicle is controlled remotely by humans and can also drive autonomously, incorporating machine-learning to perform its tasks. “Safety and security is our number one priority at EIA and the autonomous ATV security vehicle will enhance our patrol of the perimeter fencing that secures the 7,000 acres of land at our airport,” says Steve Maybee, EIA's vice-president of operations and infrastructure. “The partnership with ACAMP to build the vehicle is also part of a larger effort to foster innovation, collaboration and economic diversification through our Airport City's growing number of technology and aerospace companies.” The new vehicle system includes navigation, path planning, obstacle avoidance, animal and human recognition, communication systems to airport security, geo-fencing, situational awareness and analysis and more. The autonomous ATV patrols will focus on the following: Identifying damage to the chain-link fence and fence posts, verifying barbed wire is taut and undamaged, and detecting holes or gaps under the fence; Detecting human or animal activity; and Searching for obstacles using LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging). “The partnership with EIA has helped us build a customizable platform that uses the latest in artificial intelligence, telematics, communications and other technologies that has application worldwide,” said Rosy Amlani, ACAMP's CFO and vice-president of business development. EIA is a member of the Advanced Systems for Transportation Consortium established by ACAMP and supported by the Government of Alberta. ACAMP is a member of the Alberta Aerospace and Technology Centre at EIA. ACAMP and EIA were able to harness technologies developed by consortium members to construct and test the autonomous ATV security vehicle, readying it for regular use at EIA. https://www.skiesmag.com/press-releases/autonomous-security-vehicle-to-patrol-edmonton-international-airport-perimeter-fence/

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