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September 16, 2021 | International, Aerospace

Daher reconduit pour le maintien en conditions opérationnelles des avions TBM 700 du ministère des Armées

Daher annonce avoir reçu la notification de la part de la Direction de la Maintenance Aéronautique (DMAé) du contrat de maintien en conditions opérationnelles (MCO) pour la flotte d'avions TBM 700 relevant des forces armées françaises. Le contrat obtenu porte sur une flotte de 26 appareils : 23 TBM 700A et 3 TBM 700B, basés en France métropolitaine. Cette flotte est répartie entre 15 avions pour l'armée de l'Air et de l'Espace, 8 pour l'armée de Terre et 3 pour le centre d'expertise DGA-EV, le département Essais en vol de la Direction Générale de l'Armement. « Le ministère des Armées est un client exigeant qui nous a toujours poussé vers l'excellence, notamment dans des contextes critiques. Récemment nos équipes ont été mobilisées pour répondre aux besoins des forces armées françaises, dont la Gendarmerie nationale, impliquées dans la lutte contre la pandémie. Aussi nous sommes fiers que ce contrat de maintien en conditions opérationnelles soit renouvelé pour la quatrième fois » a commenté Nicolas Chabbert, directeur de la division Avions de Daher.

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  • Eurofighter submits updated proposal to HX programme

    February 5, 2020 | International, Aerospace

    Eurofighter submits updated proposal to HX programme

    January 31, 2020 - Eurofighter has offered Finland the chance to join Europe's largest combat aircraft programme in an updated proposal to the HX fighter acquisition programme. The proposal has been submitted by the UK Government with the support of the Governments of Germany, Italy and Spain, the nations which are represented in the Eurofighter industry consortium. It offers Finland sovereign control of its defence capability and security of supply as well as a combat proven, swing-role aircraft which will form the backbone of European defence for decades to come. The detailed proposal updates on the original offer made to the HX fighter acquisition programme to replace the Finnish Air Force's F-18 Hornet aircraft. John Rossall, Campaign Director at BAE Systems which is working alongside the UK Government on the offer to Finland, said: We are delighted to present our updated proposal to Finland on behalf of the Eurofighter consortium. Our proposal is an invitation to Finland to join leading nations in Europe with a shared defence objective. By choosing Eurofighter, the Finnish Air Force would not only be acquiring the most advanced, multi-role aircraft on the market, it would be choosing everything Finland needs to operate, maintain and control its own aircraft in peacetime and in times of crisis. In January, Eurofighter took part in the HX Challenge Flight Evaluation Trials, led by the Finnish Defence Forces in Tampere. The trials saw two Royal Air Force jets perform over a five-day period to demonstrate many of the capabilities which form the offering of the Eurofighter consortium, which teams BAE Systems alongside leading European defence contractors Airbus and Leonardo. Ahead of the trials, representatives of the Governments of the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain confirmed their commitment to a capability roadmap which will keep Eurofighter in the frontline of European defence for decades to come. View source version on Eurofighter:

  • Pentagon releases RFP for ‘optionally manned’ Bradley replacement

    February 4, 2019 | International, Land

    Pentagon releases RFP for ‘optionally manned’ Bradley replacement

    The Pentagon seeks industry feedback on the draft request for proposals for Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV) vehicle. The U.S. Army on 31 January posted a request for proposal (RFP) on Federal Business Opportunities for OMFV combat vehicle that will be designed for and used by military forces to maneuver Soldiers in the future operating environment (FOE) to a position of advantage, in order to engage in close combat and deliver decisive lethality during the execution of combined arms maneuver. In a notice posted on the Federal Business Opportunities Website, the army called on companies to submit their plans to develop pre-production prototypes of new combat vehicles. The Next-Generation Combat Vehicle – OMFV must exceed current capabilities while overmatching similar threat class systems. It must be optimized for dense urban areas while also defeating pacing threats on rural (open, semi-restricted and restricted) terrain and be characterized by the ability to spiral in advanced technologies as they mature. Since its inception, the NGCV-OMFV program has represented an innovative approach to Army acquisition by focusing on delivering an essentially new capability to the Armor Brigade Combat Teams (ABCTs) while under a significantly reduced timeline, as compared to traditional acquisition efforts. This will be achieved by leveraging existing material solutions with proven capabilities coupled with new technologies to meet the requirements. The draft request sticks to the original target of awarding up to two EMD contracts during the second quarter of fiscal year 2020. Each contractor at that time will deliver 14 pre-production vehicles, as well as two ballistic hulls and turrets. One of the U.S. Army's top research centers has already achieved considerable success in developing a prototype of the Next-Generation Combat Vehicle (NGCV). Some sources claimed that the United States Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) are now nearing production of demonstrator of new robotic vehicle build onto a surrogate platform.

  • Lawmakers try hitting pause on plan to buy communications satellite

    June 13, 2023 | International, C4ISR

    Lawmakers try hitting pause on plan to buy communications satellite

    The provision would prevent the service from buying a 12th WGS satellite until it certifies whether its needs could be met by a commercial provider.

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