19 juillet 2021 | International, Aérospatial

Russia's New Fighter Breaks Cover'€”It's Got 'Stealth' Written All Over It

Photos have appeared online depicting Russia's new stealth fighter, dubbed Checkmate. We now can try to assess its design.


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  • À Saclay, la DGA simule l’altitude pour tester les moteurs en conditions extrêmes

    6 avril 2021 | International, Aérospatial

    À Saclay, la DGA simule l’altitude pour tester les moteurs en conditions extrêmes

    L'Usine Nouvelle consacre un article au Centre d'Essais des Propulseurs du Ministère des Armées, situé sur le plateau de Saclay (Essonne), qui dispose de moyens uniques en Europe pour reproduire au sol les conditions de vols extrêmes subies par les aéronefs. Le centre technique utilise l'eau, venue des étangs voisins de Versailles, qui, amenée aux températures et aux pressions voulues, permet de récréer les flux d'air et les conditions atmosphériques de vol dans de grands caissons capables d'accueillir des moteurs. Les cinq caissons atmosphériques du centre permettent de reproduire des conditions de vol extrêmes, que ce soit en termes d'altitude (jusqu'à 20 000 mètres), de vitesse (jusqu'à Mach 3) et de température (de - 70 à + 250 °C). « Par rapport à un vol réel, nous maîtrisons mieux les tests et nous pouvons plus facilement étudier les paramètres qui nous intéressent », explique Marie-José Martinez, la directrice du site. Au-delà des programmes d'armement, le centre propose également des prestations aux grands motoristes mondiaux, tels que Safran ou Rolls-Royce. L'avion de combat SCAF pourrait aussi en bénéficier. L'Usine Nouvelle du 6 avril

  • American warship, F-35 jets to deploy with British fleet

    20 janvier 2021 | International, Aérospatial, Naval

    American warship, F-35 jets to deploy with British fleet

    By: Andrew Chuter LONDON — U.S. combat jets and a destroyer are to join the British Royal Navy's new aircraft carrier on its maiden operational deployment to the Asia-Pacific region later in 2021, after officials formally approved the deployment Tuesday. British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace and U.S. acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller co-signed a joint declaration approving the deployment of U.S. Marine and U.S. Navy assets as part of a carrier strike group led by the HMS Queen Elizabeth, the British Ministry of Defence announced. U.S. assets attached to the carrier strike group will include a detachment of Marine F-35Bs and the destroyer The Sullivans, the announcement said. The U.S. military has been regularly flying its short-takeoff-and-vertical-landing F-35Bs from the deck of the 65,000-ton Queen Elizabeth as the new carrier tests its capabilities. The warship was commissioned in December 2017, and the carrier strike group achieved initial operating capability in December 2020. The inclusion of Marine combat jets on the warship has long been planned by the two governments, not least because Britain has a modest numbers of F-35Bs available. The British carrier also will deploy Leonardo-built Merlin helicopters for anti-submarine missions and other duties. Wallace said in a statement that the U.K. “now possesses a 21st century carrier strike capability, which has been greatly assisted by the unswerving support and cooperation of the US at all levels over the past decade.” “This deployment embodies the strength of our bilateral ties and reflects the depth and breadth of this vital defence and security partnership,” he added. The British government has not officially announced where the deployment is expected to take the carrier force, but Prime Minister Boris Johnson previously said the group would be going to the Mediterranean, Indian Ocean and the Pacific region. That's expected to include Singapore, South Korea, Japan and Oman; Britain has a naval support base in the latter. British officials previously signaled the carrier and its support ships could transit through the South China Sea, where the U.S. regularly conducts freedom of navigation operations in disputed waters claimed by China. A second carrier, the HMS Prince of Wales, was commissioned in late 2019 and is scheduled to become operational in 2023. It was hit by a serious flooding incident last year, which caused the cancellation of a trip to the U.S. Eastern Seaboard for trials with the F-35B. https://www.defensenews.com/global/europe/2021/01/19/american-warship-f-35-jets-to-deploy-with-british-fleet

  • Pentagon selects Defense Innovation Unit director

    24 mars 2023 | International, Autre défense

    Pentagon selects Defense Innovation Unit director

    The organization has been without a formal leader since September 2022.

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