14 avril 2023 | Local, Terrestre

Canada expects to have 21,000 assault rifles delivered to Ukraine within months

National Defence says Ukraine should receive by the end of the summer the 21,000 assault rifles being donated by Canada.


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  • Thales Canada invests in Virtual Marine’s ship simulation system

    9 octobre 2018 | Local, Naval

    Thales Canada invests in Virtual Marine’s ship simulation system

    Thales has invested in Canada-based Virtual Marine's embedded ship simulation system as part of a new multi-phase research and development project. With an investment of more than $315,000, the project will involve development of a ship simulator for use across a range of platforms and projects in both naval, coastguard and commercial applications. Primarily it will support advanced platform testing and integration requirements for the Royal Canadian Navy programmes such as Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ships and Joint Support Ships In-Service Support (AJISS). Virtual Marine chief technical officer and executive vice-president Randy Billiard said: “The Ship Simulator Research project will result in a more innovative and technologically advanced ship simulator software product that will build on existing simulation technologies to enhance integration support and training options for prime defence integrators. “It will be tested by users who understand the need to properly de-risk systems for safe and full operational integration. This project will further position Virtual Marine as a leading and innovative provider of marine simulation solutions.” The research project will leverage Thales's extensive software engineering expertise and capabilities in big data, connectivity, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity to upgrade baseline technology. The 12-month project will help provide the company with improved embedded navigation simulation capabilities support. In August last year, Thales received a C$800m AJISS contract from the Government of Canada to provide in-service support, refit, repair, maintenance and training to the Canadian Navy's Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ships (AOPS) and Joint Support Ships (JSS). https://www.naval-technology.com/news/thales-invests-ship-simulation-system/

  • The Canadian Space Agency Announces the FAST 2019 Opportunity

    6 août 2019 | Local, Aérospatial

    The Canadian Space Agency Announces the FAST 2019 Opportunity

    CSA FAST Program. Credit: Canadian Space Agency. Facebook Twitter Stumbleupon LinkedIn Today the Canadian Space Agency announced the Flights and Fieldwork for the Advancement of Science and Technology (FAST) 2019 opportunity. According to the Canadian Space Agency the FAST program supports “research projects of Canadian universities and post-secondary institutions that will contribute to the development of new scientific knowledge and space technologies, while making it possible for students to acquire hands-on experience in space-like missions.” The last FAST program awards were in 2017 where $6.2 million was awarded for 31 projects. In this FAST program announcement the expected budget is $3.5 million going to approximately 19 awards. The maximum duration for the grants is three years. For FAST 2019 the grants will be awarded in two categories; Category A: Maximum grant of $300,000 for a maximum duration of three years for an end-to-end space-like mission project that includes the development or improvement of a technology, use of the technology during a flight or field or research site deployment, and data collection and analysis; the maximum amount available per year is $150,000. Those familiar with the program and interested in applying for Category A should be aware that FAST 2019 appears to be a merging of FAST 2017 Category A and B with the resulting median award of $300,000 being the new ceiling for grants. Category B: Maximum grant of $100,000 for two or three years, for a small space-related research project; the maximum amount available per year is $50,000. Category B is what Category C was in FAST 2017. The application deadline is October 18, 2019, 1:00 pm ET. http://spaceq.ca/the-canadian-space-agency-announces-the-fast-2019-opportunity/

  • Canada plans to buy four new Airbus tankers, requests proposal

    11 août 2022 | Local, Aérospatial

    Canada plans to buy four new Airbus tankers, requests proposal

    Airbus was designated as the only supplier qualified to provide the tankers to the Royal Canadian Air Force. As a result, a formal request for its proposal for the planes was issued to the firm on May 13, 2022.

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