20 août 2023 | International, Aérospatial

BAE Systems plc – Proposed acquisition of Ball Aerospace

The proposed stock transaction will be treated as an asset purchase for federal tax purposes, with an expected net present value tax benefit of c.$750m making the underlying economic consideration...


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  • What’s ahead for Navy unmanned underwater vehicle programs

    29 novembre 2022 | International, Naval

    What’s ahead for Navy unmanned underwater vehicle programs

    The Navy is nearing delivery of an extra large UUV test vehicle, and will soon field a new torpedo tube launch and recovery capability for the medium UUV.

  • New Japanese strategy to up defense spending, counterstrike purchases

    20 décembre 2022 | International, Autre défense

    New Japanese strategy to up defense spending, counterstrike purchases

    Japan has released its National Security Strategy, National Defense Strategy and Defense Buildup Program.

  • Northrop to upgrade aircraft mission computers for US and Bahrain

    3 juillet 2019 | International, Aérospatial

    Northrop to upgrade aircraft mission computers for US and Bahrain

    Northrop Grumman has secured a contract to perform the technical upgrade of UH-1Y, AH-1Z and UH-60V mission computers for the US and Bahrain. The $104m indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity (IDIQ) award will see Northrop Grumman deliver production, retrofit and spare units. Under the Foreign Military Sales Act, these units will be supplied for the US Marine Corps, the Defense Logistics Agency, and Bahrain's military. The company noted that by bringing together several mission computer customers, the contract will help deliver greater cost-efficiency while lowering the logistics footprint. The contract has the potential for placing task or delivery order awards up to the ceiling amount. Northrop Grumman is expected to complete the contract work in December 2023. Northrop Grumman land and avionics C4ISR vice-president James Conroy said: “Northrop Grumman's mission computer delivers mission-critical capability to the warfighter. The system provides improved situational understanding in the rapidly changing threat environment.” The mission computer manufactured by the firm can integrate advanced mission, weapons and video processing capabilities into a high-performance airborne computer. The computer's open architecture enables the centralised display and control of all integrated avionics system functions. These include aircraft performance and flight instruments, on-board sensor and survivability displays, in addition to improved situational awareness and health monitoring information. Furthermore, the mission computer is capable of providing improved capability, commonality, reliability and maintainability to the warfighter. Northrop Grumman will supply up to 503 technical refresh mission computers for the three helicopter models. In 2017, The US Marine Corps fielded the Northrop Grumman's Tech Refresh Mission Computer (TRMC) for the first time on the UH‑1Y and AH-1Z helicopters. Equipment was deployed under the H-1 Upgrade programme that involved replacing the UH-1N and AH-1W helicopters with revamped aircraft. https://www.naval-technology.com/news/northrop-to-upgrade-aircraft-mission-computers-for-us-and-bahrain/

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