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The Twentynine Palms Tactical & Tech Day

Adresse :
Desert View Club & Event Center, Mesa Room
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1 octobre 2019 2019-10-01 2019-10-01 America/Toronto The Twentynine Palms Tactical & Tech Day Desert View Club & Event Center, Mesa Room

Your marketing budget is stretched thinner each year, and you need to find a way to reach current and prospective customers. Although marketing strategies evolve over the years, one thing remains constant: the need to meet your customers face to face. Taking a few hours to showcase your products or services, and speak to a targeted community of interest, is the most efficient and cost effective way to establish and maintain customer relationships and achieve substantial ROI.

The Twentynine Palms Tactical & Tech Day will be taking place on Tuesday, October 1, 2019 at the Desert View Club & Event Center, Mesa Room. Exhibiting companies are encouraged to provide live demos and hands-on training to benefit the attendees. Opportunities will be available to promote your demo/training in the program guide, event website, and on-site at the event.

Invited Personnel

  • Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center and Marine Air Ground Task Force Training Command (MCAGCC/ MAGTFTC)
  • Marine Corps Communications-Electronics School (MCCES)
  • Marine Corps Tactics and Operations Group (MCTOG)
  • Marine Corps Logistics and Operations Group (MCLOG)
  • 7th Marine Regiment
  • 1st Tank Battalion
  • 3rd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion
  • Communication Training Battalion
  • Air Control Training Squadron

Requested Technologies 

  • C2 Systems
  • Air to Ground Wireless Communications
  • Cellular Technology
  • Surveillance Technology
  • 3-D Printing
  • Satellite Communications
  • Cyber Security
  • Solar Power
  • Lightweight Tactical Gear
  • Logistics Modernization
  • Flightline Communications
  • Alternative Fuel Sources
  • Waste Water Treatment Technology
  • Physical Security