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  • 27 juillet 2021

    Journée de l'industrie, C4ISR, Sécurité

    Register for USCYBERCOM Virtual Industry Day - July 27th

    The Trade Commissioner Service would like to make Canadian industry aware of the opportunity to join a Virtual Industry Day with USCYBERCOM. This Command unifies the direction of cyberspace operations, strengthens DoD cyberspace capabilities, and integrates and bolsters DoD's cyber expertise. During this event, US Cyber Command will discuss current and future needs and how the Command plans to get after emerging cyber solutions that accelerate mission objectives. This is an opportunity for USCYBERCOM to connect with private industry to communicate its capability requirements and challenges.   The virtual Industry Day takes place on July 27th, 2021, from 9am-5pm, and is only open to vetted companies. More info available here:   Companies interested in registering can request to do so at this link:   PLEASE NOTE: Registration for this event will be for members of companies of the US defense supply chain. You must provide CAGE code on request form. Requests to participate in this event will be vetted by USCYBERCOM and only confirmed registrations will be given access to the virtual industry day conference. For new registrants, CAGE codes can take several business days to obtain, so its recommended to start the process as early as possible using this form:   If you need assistance with your CAGE code (available for free to Canadian firms via CCC) or have other questions, please contact Trade Commissioner Bobby Tate at .   TCS colleagues, please use Opportunity # 1-1NTT9D  to track referrals.   Cheers,   -Bobby   Bobby Tate Trade Commissioner, Defence and Aerospace | Délégué commercial, défense et aérospatiale Telephone | Téléphone (202) 682-7744 Facsimile | Télécopieur (202) 682-7618 Embassy of Canada 501 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, D.C. 20001 Global Affairs Canada | Affaires mondiales Canada Government of Canada | Gouvernement du Canada  

  • 29 - 30
    jun. 2021

    Conférence, Naval

    WEST Conference 2021

    The premier naval conference and exposition on the West Coast, WEST is now in its 31st year of bringing military and industry leaders together. Co-sponsored by AFCEA International and the U.S. Naval Institute, WEST is the only event in which the makers of platforms and the designers of technologies can network, discuss and demonstrate their solutions in a single locale. One recurring highlight of WEST is a town hall discussion among the Chief of Naval Operations, the Marine Corps Commandant and Coast Guard Commandant. In addition to the main program, WEST offers three Engagement Theaters: Marine, General, and Information Warfare. These smaller, more intimate venues allow military, government and industry professionals to drill deeper into specific topics and issues. More information about WEST speakers and panel presentations is available online.

  • 29 juin 2021

    Webinaire, Aérospatial, Naval, Terrestre, C4ISR, Sécurité

    Programme d'innovation pour la défense, l’excellence et la sécurité (IDEeS) (webinaire en anglais)

    Le site est le service d’information ouverte sur les achats du gouvernement du Canada qui permet de trouver les appels d’offres, les fournisseurs préqualifiés, les contrats attribués et leur historique, les événements pour les entreprises, les personnes-ressources, et d’apprendre comment faire affaire avec le gouvernement du Canada.

  • 23 - 24
    jun. 2021

    Conférence, C4ISR

    MilSatCom USA Conference

    We are proud to announce the 5th annual MilSatCom USA conference, returning to Arlington on 23rd-24th June 2021. With the recent Congressional authorization of the US Space Force and the ever-growing emphasis on reliable communications for deployed units, the US DoD is investing heavily in MILSATCOM capabilities to achieve and maintain overmatch against its adversaries. Featuring in-depth presentations from all branches of the military, numerous critical government agencies and leading industry SATCOM providers, the conference will delve into the most important topics and discussions around MILSATCOM. This year's forum will analyse several pressing topics including emerging US space policy (including the impact of the Space Force), SATCOM resiliency and redundancy, partnership and collaboration both between nations and between organisations, and expeditionary SATCOM for the Warfighter. As well as bringing together the US MILSATCOM community, the conference will bring in some of the most dynamic and innovative international militaries to provide their unique perspectives; no other event in the USA offers the same number of opportunities to meet, discuss and network with opposite numbers from allied nations. Benefits of Attending MilSatCom USA 2020 is the perfect occasion to meet the most informed, experienced and dynamic experts in military satellite communications. Attend the forum to benefit from insights, advice and updates from senior DoD figures, industry experts and researchers at the cutting edge of work on SATCOM. Meet and network with leaders in SATCOM from industry, military and government across two days, including dedicated networking breaks and spaces Hear updates and guidance from world leading SATCOM programme managers and decision-makers Delve into the latest topics and trends shaping the future of MILSATCOM Discover cutting-edge SATCOM technology to enhance operational effectiveness and explore opportunities for greater coalition interoperability

  • 22 juin 2021

    Journée de l'industrie, Naval

    Seaspan Shipyards virtual MPV Industry Day

    Seaspan Shipyards virtual MPV Industry Day June 22, 2021, 9:00 am – 10:00 am PDT  Seaspan Shipyards is getting ready to construct its fourth class of ship under Canada’s National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS) – 16 Multi-Purpose Vessels (MPVs) for the Canadian Coast Guard.   Our suppliers are critical to our success: No one builds ships alone. As Canada’s shipbuilding partner for renewing the non-combat fleet, we partner closely with marine industry suppliers across Canada and around the world. Our suppliers were instrumental in helping us deliver the first ship and first complete class of ships under the NSS, and their critical role continues as we build the Joint Support Ships for the Royal Canadian Navy and the Offshore Oceanographic Science Vessel for the Canadian Coast Guard.    New ships, new opportunities: As we move through the design phase of the MPV program, which will run over the next two decades, we are looking to engage with suppliers and bring them on board.   Join us on June 22 for a virtual MPV Industry Day to learn more about these multi-mission ships, the program, the design and construction timeline and the opportunities for suppliers.      

  • 15 juin 2021

    Journée de l'industrie, Aérospatial

    Avion stratégique de transport et de ravitaillement en vol (ASTRV) - Session d’engagement de l’industrie virtuelle (W847A-200275/F)

    La présente lettre d'intérêt (LI) peut être utilisée pour fournir de l'information sur le projet d’Avion stratégique de transport et de ravitaillement en vol (ASTRV) à l'industrie canadienne au moyen d'annonces ou de liens vers des renseignements et des activités d'Innovation, Sciences et Développement Économique Canada (ISDE), en partenariat avec le ministère de la Défense nationale (MDN) et Services publics et Approvisionnement Canada (SPAC). Le 15 juin 2021, Services publics et Approvisionnement Canada sera l'hôte d'une Session d’engagement de l’industrie virtuelle à l'intention de l'industrie canadienne et d'autres intervenants pour faire le point sur le projet d’ASTRV, y compris un aperçu des exigences du projet, le processus d'approvisionnement, les échéanciers, programme de soutien en service et une approche des avantages économiques initiale. La session virtuelle, en plus de décrire l'approche initiale de la proposition de valeur (PV), permettra à l'industrie canadienne et à d'autres intervenants de se familiariser avec la Politique des retombées industrielles et technologiques (RIT). Nous solliciterons également les intervenants canadiens sur l’approche PV du projet. La session virtuelle sera également l’occasion pour l’industrie canadienne de se connecter avec Airbus Defence and Space S.A. qui est le seul fournisseur qualifié pour le processus d’approvisionnement pour le projet ASTRV. Cette présentation conjointe comprendra des représentants du MDN, de SPAC et d’ISDE. Après les présentations du gouvernement du Canada, Airbus Defence and Space S.A. fera une présentation et donnera l’opportunité pour une session de questions et réponses. Séance: 10 h-12 h, heure avancée de l'Est (HAE) Nous prévoyons utiliser les plateformes Zoom et Slido pour le session. Le lien sera fourni avant la session virtuelle par modification à cette lettre d’intérêt. La présentation des représentants du gouvernement du Canada sera mis à votre disposition par un amendement à cette lettre d'intérêt à la suite de la session virtuelle. Veuillez noter que cette lettre d'intérêt n’entraînera pas un processus d’approvisionnement du gouvernement du Canada. Vous êtes encouragés à soumettre vos questions à l’avance à l’adresse courriel ci-dessous: Vos questions peuvent être traitées au cours de la session.

  • 10 - 11
    jun. 2021

    Conférence, Terrestre

    Future Armored Vehicles Protection Systems USA 2021 Conference

    We present the second annual Future Armored Vehicles Protection Systems meeting, convening on June 10th -11th 2021 As armed forces continue to prioritise dealing with near-peer adversaries, and with passive protection measures reaching their physical limit, integrating advanced vehicle protection systems, and particularly active protection systems (APS), as a means of improving survivability signatures continues to grow in importance. These systems can intercept ballistic weaponry through kinetic methods (Hard-Kill) or by interfering with warhead guidance and tracking systems (Soft-Kill). As the scope of APS and its potential continues to grow, armed forces around the world increasingly pursue the development and application of an integrated, modular mission system, in which best-of-field components can be introduced and selected to meet specific requirements. As the only conference of its kind, Future Armored Vehicles Protection Systems USA, will provide unique briefings on the development and integration of Active Protection Systems, as well as the wider vehicle protection suites employed by armed forces around the world. These briefings will include insight into Modular Systems and architecture, Hard-Kill and Soft-Kill technology, layered approaches to survivability and battle proven systems. Benefits of Attending Discuss a diverse range of topics including hard and soft kill technology, creating a modular and sophisticated open system architecture, platform specific considerations, and more Understand the progress made, and the lessons learned from integrating cutting edge Active Protection Systems from senior officials from both host nation and international speakers, and the unique requirements specific to different platforms As the importance of an open market-place and room for competition is stressed, hear from industry leaders testing, developing, and applying the cutting edge technology that will be used by armoured brigades for years to come An unrivalled opportunity to meet and network with the military and industry decision makers in Vehicle Protection Systems, the experts who will define the future of the technology, and the end-user's who will be tasked with operating this technology

  • 7 - 9
    jun. 2021

    Conférence, Naval, C4ISR

    Future Soldier Technology USA Conference

    We are proud to present the 2nd annual Future Soldier Technology USA conference on the 9th & 10th June 2020 taking place in Arlington, Washington, USA. New this year will be a dismounted situational awareness focus day taking place on the 8th of June. As militaries reorient and modernise their combat capabilities, the dismounted soldier remains critical to the success of combat operations. Major strides are being made in providing soldiers with enhanced abilities to maneuver, detect, target and defeat threats at greater ranges and speed than ever before. Critical to mission success, soldiers' capabilities to engage and defeat new threats has been prioritised by Army Futures Command as a critical area for development. Future Soldier Technology USA will bring together military leaders and technical experts to address the evolving capability spectrum of dismounted technology of the US Armed Forces. Future Soldier Technology USA is the only dedicated conference of its kind in North America and will bring a unique focus to the future of soldier systems. The conference will discuss in detail soldier lethality, power management systems, mobility, sustainability and survivability. Additionally, as soldiers are increasingly integrated into an array of sensors and battlespace management systems, dismounted situational awareness is becoming a key area of overmatch capability. Our 'Situational Awareness' Focus Day will delve into the latest developments in this capability areas. Key Topics Addressed Will Include: Enhancing soldier lethality Next Generation Squad Weapon Advanced target acquisition systems Soldier sensors Manned unmanned teaming Communication systems Battlespace management Soldier sustainability Systems trialling and evaluation Synthetic training environments Augmented reality Benefits of Attending Participate in the only event in North America focused solely on Soldier and Marine equipment modernization and capability development Hear the latest developments from innovative and cutting-edge soldier modernization projects including Soldier Warrior, Nett Warrior, IVAS, Marine Expeditionary Rifle Squad and many others Meet and network with the senior officers and civilians at the forefront of soldier capability development in the US Army and Marine Corps

  • 7 - 9
    jun. 2021

    Conférence, Aérospatial

    Military Space USA 2021 Conference

    We are proud to once again be hosting the 2nd annual Military Space US Conference, which will be taking place this year from the 8th - 9th June 2021 with a new dedicated disruptive technology focus day taking place on the 7th June 2021. Featuring high level briefings from senior leadership within industry, government and allied partners, Military Space US will delve into how organisational efforts like SMC 2.0 are helping putting capabilities into the hands of the warfighter at EPIC SPEED. As space has become a contested domain and peer adversaries advance their own capabilities, the need to 'go fast' has become accepted dogma within the space community. Driving these efforts across all mission areas - including SATCOM, PNT, Earth Observation, SSA and Launch - has become a critical for the DoD. Featuring 3 dedicated days of content, this conference remains the pre-eminent forum to learn how the US and allies are driving a disruptive approach to space. Benefits of Attending At this year's conference there will be an array of networking opportunities: Meet and network with over 140 attendees from defence agencies, militaries and governments and industry over 6 hours of breaks Engage with an array of vendors, including disruptive agile space companies across the Silicon Valley as well as established industrial partners that lead in the SATCOM domain Join key industry and military thought leaders shaping how the US space enterprise is developed through partnerships and innovation Key Reasons to Attend: Learn from a variety of AFSPACE stakeholders about the ongoing SMC 2.0 reorganizational efforts and how rapid acquisition is changing approaches to space Listen to key allied partners and explore where opportunities for partnerships moving forward can be developed Explore key topics within the US DoD's approach to space including SMC 2.0, Accelerator Programmes, Blackjack and more

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