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Conférence, C4ISR

Military Radar Conference

Adresse :
London, United Kingdom
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27 - 29 août 2019 2019-08-27 2019-08-29 America/Toronto Military Radar Conference London, United Kingdom

Delivering Technological Overmatch to the Multi-Domain Battlefield

Future weapons, including directed energy weapons have been in the Research & Development phase for the past several years. As the US armed forces, continue to develop and innovate in order to achieve battlefield overmatch and superiority, the Directed Energy weapon systems are making their way form the R&D phase to DoD and Military programs as the next step before acquisition and force integration.

Over the three-day summit we will examine the latest DE advancements, initiatives and plans regarding technology, acquisition and service roadmaps. This venue will bring together thought leaders, acquisition executives, industry solution providers, and academia in order to tackle some of the challenges that face this community in the near, mid, and far term fight. We will look to gain insight and lessons learned from warfighter perspectives on the operational challenges and requirements of DES that will influence the capabilities of this game-changing technology.

Top Reasons to Attend:

  • Hear directly from HQ NORAD on how they intend to deploy AWACS and airborne surveillance capabilities to counter future operational threat
  • Discover the critical advances in system capability making cognitive and passive radar deployments a reality of the next operating theatre
  • Develop autonomous systems in AESA radar to ensure systems remain operationally viable and capable against the next generation of airborne threat
  • Explore the challenges of operating in the clustered electro-magnetic spectrum ti ensure survivability against developed radar counter-operations