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Conférence, Aérospatial

Military Airlift Conference

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London, United Kingdom
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24 - 26 septembre 2019 2019-09-24 2019-09-26 America/Toronto Military Airlift Conference London, United Kingdom

Welcome to the Airlift community's annual international meeting

Connecting military users, Multinational Organisations and NGOs, Military Airlift 2019 will assess the interconnected challenges faced and the solutions sought by the airlift community over the last year in relation to improving equipment, capability, procurement processes, strategy and tactics.

With an agenda designed to reflect the varied and global nature of airlift operations, dedicated sessions have been designed to discuss the decreasing capability of legacy fleets, changing procurement processes and the ever-increasing geographical scope for pooling and sharing assets, the development of plans to facilitate the use of multi-purpose and multi-mission equipment, and the training, tactics and procedures designed to prepare for operations in challenging environments.

Whilst these interdisciplinary conversations take place in an effort to deliver greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness for user groups, this event will also continue its rich history of delivering the latest operational feedback and performance analysis across the strategic, tactical and air-to-air refueling mission sets.

Key Themes Include:

  • Equipment - Operational feedback: learning from mission case-studies on operational uses of adapted multi-purpose and multi-mission aircrafts.
  • Capability - Addressing capability gaps affecting the airlift community on a global level, with Industry representatives posing solutions from existing and emerging platforms.
  • Procurement processes - Completing the 'procurement triangle' between Military Users, NGOs and Industry to identify new and emerging forms of procurement cycles, with an increased focus on the pooling and sharing of assets.
  • Strategy - Sharing concepts of operations and TTPs to ensure successful Strategic and Tactical Airlift missions.
  • Air-to-Air Refueling - Analyzing newly developed Air-to-Air refueling technology and expanding the geographical scope for refueling operations in Europe.