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Conférence, Aérospatial

Military Airlift 2018 Conference

Adresse :
Hilton London Canary Wharf
South Quay
Marsh Wall London E14 9SH
United Kingdom
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17 - 19 septembre 2018 2018-09-17 2018-09-19 America/Toronto Military Airlift 2018 Conference Hilton London Canary Wharf South Quay Marsh Wall London E14 9SH United Kingdom

Welcome to the Airlift community's annual international meeting

We are delighted to announce that our annual Military Airlift conference will be taking place in London this September. This established forum brings together leaders from the international airlift community, providing a platform for sharing ideas, discussing shared challenges and creating a marketplace for exploring airlift solutions. 

Airlift is a sector of our industry in constant development; over the next 10 years, more than 800 new military airlifters are set to be delivered at a value of $65 Billion. Research from the Joint Air Power Competency Centre, as well as many government publications has highlighted Europe's strategicairlift requirement gap; a reality which has engendered substantial commitments to increase airlift capacity from European nations. This was arguably first demonstrated during Operation Unified Protector over Libya in 2011, which demonstrated Europe's reliance on the US for airlift capacity, particularly with regards to air-to-air refueling.

A key theme is the collaborative effort to deliver strategic airlift, particularly across Europe. Expert speakers will share their knowledge and experience around developing airlift capabilities that are fully aligned with their operational requirements, within cost-constrained environments, and whilst continually adapting to regulatory changes. Conference sessions will also focus on how militaries, multi-national organisations and NGO's are best able to incorporate air-chartering, joint procurement, MRO, air-to-air refueling and pooling and sharing to improve operational airlift capability. 

Military Airlift 2018 is therefore the essential platform for our industry, featuring comprehensive discussions and executive level presentations. We invite you to explore the website to view the agenda and the speaker faculty, as it updates over the coming weeks.


Attend Military Airlift 2018 and:

  • Learn how to maintain your readiness and responsiveness to global threats and humanitarian crises, as they unfold
  • Explore the ground support and logistics solutions designed to keep your costs low and your flight hours high
  • Improve your organisation's avionics capability in order to future-proof your fleet against upcoming regulatory changes in the European skies
  • Increase your access to air-to-air refueling across European airspace and keep your aircraft in the air for longer by meeting capability owners in this space
  • Discover how to better manage your capacity to deliver movement in a cost-conscious environment through pooling, sharing and new industry solutions