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Webinaire, Sécurité

Iristel Cybersecurity Bootcamp

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Attend either in person or via web
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11 octobre 2019 2019-10-11 2019-10-11 America/Toronto Iristel Cybersecurity Bootcamp Attend either in person or via web

What's being covered? 

•    Malware 101: what is malware?
•    Malware 101: how do I get malware on my computer? 
•    Ransomware—when cyber criminals hold your computer hostage
•    How to avoid identity theft online
•    What happens when your identity is stolen?
•    Data privacy and ride-sharing apps
•    Online dating and protecting your privacy
•    How to protect yourself from cyber stalkers
•    Data breaches aren't going away—what you need to know
•    Data breach—the best defense is vigilance
•    POS malware data breaches and why they keep happening
•    What to do in the event of a bank breach
•    What to do in the event of a major data breach
•    My account may have been hacked—what to do now?
•    What is cyber espionage?