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GeoData Summit

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Alexandria, VA, United States
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20 - 21 mars 2019 2019-03-20 2019-03-21 America/Toronto GeoData Summit Alexandria, VA, United States

The 2019 Geospatial Data Summit brings together members of the GIS community across Agriculture, Utilities, Transportation, Infrastructure, and Government for an open dialogue about how the current revolution in Geospatial technologies is transforming real time decision making through enhanced data collection. This Summit will address the current implementations of Geospatial solutions that are unleashing the data's full potential in order to drive productivity, value, and smarter decisions for organizations of all sizes. 

Discussion Topics

  • Delivering effective geospatial mapping platforms across various utilities for improved performance
  • Advancing innovative, new solutions to guide the increased use of geospatial analytics
  • Developing & maintaining geospatial foundation data, knowledge and analysis to enable NGA interoperability across the spectrum of users
  • Leveraging the power of Open Source GIS software's for improved data accessibility
  • Revolutionizing modern agriculture through the increased use of GIS technologies and tools
  • Guiding the integration of GIS technologies across the U.S. in support of national interests
  • Leveraging geospatial technologies and information to analyze and improve the nation's   infrastructure and transportation systems
  • Providing geospatial engineering and technologies in support of DoD & IC mission sets
  • Utilizing GIS technologies in support of emergency management

Why You Should Attend GeoData 2019

The 2019 GeoData Summit brings together members of Commercial Industry, Government Agencies, DoD, IC, and Academia for an open dialogue about how the current revolution in GIS is transforming the U.S. economy and government through enhanced data collection from various geospatial sensor platforms. The GIS market is set to increase to a net worth of 9 billion dollars globally by the year 2024.  The emergence of these remote sensing platforms and navigation and positioning technologies to capture the spatial data objects in both government and industry will ultimately lead to an increased demand for GIS hardware components. Major industries such as; Utility, Government, Transportation & Infrastructure, and Natural Resource industries, will utilize GIS technologies to help assist them in identifying strategic vulnerabilities; and provide them real-time information for optimized production.

With current GIS technology capability only increasing, the developing of the mapping segment in particular has allowed for better insights and forecasting into factors such as traffic patterns and crop conditions, and even hurricane response and recovery. The goal of this year's Summit is to support the development of geospatial information systems and emerging technology trends such as: spatiotemporal data generation, IoTs, geospatial sensor platforms, wireless networks, and computer capacity. This educational forum will provide the chance to further understand how the integration of advanced geodata technologies has profoundly altered the current data collection capabilities of individuals from all sectors for mission critical purposes, including disaster response, environmental monitoring, public safety, and Warfighter protection. It is vital that geospatial infrastructure is protected moving forward so that these technologies can continue to provide benefits to the nation for years to come.