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October 17, 2023 | Local, C4ISR, Security

The Pentagon is running out of time to get zero trust right

A successful zero trust transition demands more than technological prowess—it requires a reorientation of mindset and strategy.

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  • SkyAlyne expands team for Future Aircrew Training bid

    August 24, 2020 | Local, Aerospace

    SkyAlyne expands team for Future Aircrew Training bid

    By Wings Staff SkyAlyne Canada LP, a partnership between CAE and KF Aerospace, introduced an expanded team of subcontractors to pursue the Royal Canadian Air Force's contract for the Future Aircrew Training (FAcT) program, the military pilot and aircrew training program under the Government of Canada's ongoing, generational Strong, Secure Engaged investment plan. SkyAlyne is one of four qualified suppliers bidding for the FAcT contract, along with Babcock Canada Inc., Leonardo Canada, and Lockheed Martin Canada Inc. With a contract award date expected to come in 2023, FAcT combines all Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) pilot training with aircrew support training. Canadian-based companies ATCO Frontec, Bluedrop Training and Simulation, Canadian Base Operators, Canadian Helicopters, SERCO Canada and PAL Aerospace are joining SkyAlyne's FAcT bid. SkyAlyne describes PAL Aerospace as a notable new addition to the team given its experience in airborne surveillance and intelligence operations, sensor operator training, mission systems development and aircraft modification capabilities. The newly expanded SkyAlyne team collectively employs more than 14,000 Canadians and operates in every region of Canada. “Our goal is to work with the Royal Canadian Air Force to continue providing a world-class aircrew training program built by Canadians for Canadians,” said Tracy Medve, board chair of SkyAlyne. “These partnerships will strengthen SkyAlyne's position and help us move towards our objective to retain this crucial military capability in Canada.” SkyAlyne states it is the only Canadian-founded and Canadian-based qualified supplier competing for the FAcT program. Its parent companies, CAE and KF Aerospace, currently deliver all phases of pilot training for the RCAF through the NATO Flying Training in Canada (NFTC) program based in Moose Jaw, SK, and Cold Lake, AB, as well as the Contracted Flying Training and Support (CFTS) program based in Southport, MB. The new subcontractors added to the SkyAlyne team also hold extensive experience working with the RCAF, with most also currently supporting the NFTC and CFTS programs. “This agreement further ensures that the FAcT program benefits from the very latest Canadian expertise and innovation in aircrew training,” says France Hébert, president, SkyAlyne. “If selected, SkyAlyne will train the next generation of Royal Canadian Air Force airwomen and airmen while helping grow Canadian small- and medium-sized businesses, as well as local and Indigenous communities. The selection of the SkyAlyne team would be a win-win for the Royal Canadian Air Force and for the Canadian aerospace industry.”

  • Modernization of RCAF search and rescue helicopters deemed unaffordable '€” project on hold for now

    July 6, 2021 | Local, Aerospace, Security

    Modernization of RCAF search and rescue helicopters deemed unaffordable '€” project on hold for now

    A plan to modernize the Canadian military's search and rescue helicopters is on hold after the proposal received from the aircraft's manufacturer was deemed to'€¦

  • Marinvent Announces Successful Delivery to Government of Canada of its APM Product

    April 9, 2019 | Local, Aerospace

    Marinvent Announces Successful Delivery to Government of Canada of its APM Product

    Montreal, Canada, April 2, 2019 – Marinvent is pleased to announce the successful delivery of its Airfoil Performance Monitor product (APM) to the Government of Canada following extensive independent flight testing by the National Research Council under the Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP). APM monitors and displays the margin to stall of an airfoil and detects the real-time effects of icing, contamination, and degradation on the lifting surface of any airfoil and in all phases of flight. The recently-concluded flight evaluations conducted independently by NRC-FRL conclusively demonstrated the following unique capabilities of APM: Provides stall warning and backup airspeed indications and is completely independent of all aircraft-side inputs except power. (it needs no airspeed, air data, angle-of-attack, or flap position inputs). Gives the correct stall warning margin, even with contaminated (iced or otherwise degraded) airfoils. Correctly detects compressibility stalls at high altitude. Provides tail stall warning which is particularly relevant to a number of UAV platforms. Provides correct diagnosis of contamination early during the takeoff roll (Air Florida Flight 90, Arrow Air, and Dryden, among others). Provides real-time data enabling significantly reduced fuel consumption and brake wear and enabling better predictive maintenance scheduling, helping to pay for itself by reducing aircraft operating costs. “APM is a mature product having been successfully tested on several Part 25 jet and turboprop aircraft, as well as numerous Part 23 light aircraft and business jets”, said Dr. John Maris, President of Marinvent. “It is available for installation today. The Canadian government is our first customer under the BCIP program, and we have also made our first forays into the UAV market, which desperately needs this technology particularly for Canadian winter operations”. Dr. Maris, whose doctoral thesis “AN ARCHIVAL ANALYSIS OF STALL WARNING SYSTEM EFFECTIVENESS DURING AIRBORNE ICING ENCOUNTERS” led to the final development of APM, has made his academic life's work the study of the relationship between aircrew and angle of attack/stall warning systems. He is one of the world's leading authorities on this subject, which is particularly pertinent currently, and is also a Transport Canada Test Pilot DAR. Dr. Maris is an Adjunct Professor at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada as well as being President of Marinvent Corporation and inventor of APM. In recognition of the potential impact of APM, SAE named APM as the 2017 Aerospace & Defense category winner in their Create the Future competition: About Marinvent – Marinvent is a privately held Canadian company, founded in 1983. Marinvent is headquartered on the outskirts of Montreal, the leading aerospace center in Canada and one of the largest aerospace centers in the world. Marinvent provides consulting, services, training, tools and IP to reduce customers' program/product risk, cost and schedule and to help them innovate quickly. Its engineers, experience, TCCA DARs, flying avionics test bed, research simulator and IP make it a reliable and trusted partner for the planning and management of projects, regardless of size and complexity. Marinvent's customers include aircraft OEMs, integrators, tier 1s, tier 2s and Government customers around the world. Marinvent prides itself of helping its customers bring their products to market and has a stellar track record of doing exactly that. As a result, Marinvent has won numerous awards in recognition of that fact.

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