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Ukraine buys Canadian sniper rifles – delivery expected soon


Sniper rifles from PGW Defence Technologies of Winnipeg will be arriving soon in Ukraine.

The company, with support of Global Affairs Canada, sold  50 LRT-3 sniper rifles to Ukraine’s military, according to the Canadian Forces.

Ukrainian government officials say the rifles are expected in the country very soon.

Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Vasyl Bodnar said in an interview with Ukrinform, the country’s national news agency, that he believes the sniper rifle deal “will open the door to expanding the range of cooperation” between Ukraine and Canada on military equipment.

Ukraine is also seeking armoured vehicles and other equipment from Canada.

Canadian Forces personnel are working with Ukrainian snipers predominantly through a basic sniper course. They are mainly developing the Ukrainian instructors, but do provide some mentorship to the students, noted Canadian Forces spokesperson Capt. Leah Campbell.  This is basically through watching and providing feedback to the students, she added.
“Weapons that the students are using are provided or purchased by the Ukrainian Government,” explained Campbell in an email. “CAF personnel are not currently working with LRT-3 .50 caliber rifle.  However, we are always responsive to our Ukrainian partners training needs and can adjust as appropriate.”

In December 2017, the House of Commons defence committee recommended the government provide weapons to Ukraine, provided it demonstrates it is working to eliminate corruption at all levels of government. Senior officials from Ukraine’s ministry of defence told the defence committee they would welcome arms from Canada, including anti-tank weapons. They told the committee that the Ukrainian military’s sniper equipment was obsolete.


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  • The Government of Canada reaffirms its commitment to Davie and its workers

    14 décembre 2018 | Local, Naval

    The Government of Canada reaffirms its commitment to Davie and its workers

    Canadian Coast Guard adds to its icebreaker fleet for first time in twenty five years LÉVIS, QC, Dec. 14, 2018 /CNW/ - Our Canadian waterways play a crucial role in our culture, history, and economy. Keeping these waterways safe and open for business is a priority for the Government of Canada. This is why we are ensuring that the Canadian Coast Guard is properly equipped for the important work it carries out on a daily basis in keeping Canadians and our Canadian waters safe. Today, the Minister of Public Services and Procurement and Accessibility, the Honourable Carla Qualtrough, and the Minister of Families, Children and Social Development, the Honourable Jean-Yves Duclos, on behalf of the Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard, the Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, and the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Finance and Member of Parliament for Louis-Hébert, Joël Lightbound, announced that the first of the three medium icebreakers recently built by Chantier Davie for the Canadian Coast Guard will be named CCGS CaptainMolly Kool. The expertise and the talent of Chantier Davie workers were in the limelight during that event, which highlighted the first floating of a Coast Guard icebreaker in twenty-five years. The Ministers and the Parliamentary Secretary have seized the opportunity to visit the shipyard and to meet the workers, in order to reiterate the importance of Chantier Davie for the Canadian shipbuilding industry. All three medium icebreakers, recently acquired by the Coast Guard, will undergo refit and conversion work at Chantier Davie in Lévis, Québec, to ensure they comply with Canadian regulatory and Coast Guard operational standards before entering the fleet. The first ship will allow the Coast Guard to provide essential services during the upcoming winter season, while the other two undergo refit projects. The namesake of the icebreaker, Captain Myrtle 'Molly' Kool, was the first woman in North America to become a master mariner. Myrtle Kool, known by everyone as Molly, was born in 1916 in Alma, New Brunswick. In 1937, she was the first woman in North America to become a licensed ship captain, and in 1939, was awarded her coastal master's certificate. CCGS Captain Molly Kool is part of the national Coast Guard fleet which carries out icebreaking duties in Atlantic Canada, the St. Lawrence and the Great Lakes, and Arctic regions. This icebreaker is the latest Coast Guard asset deployed to help ensure the safety of Canadian waterways and those who rely on them, both for recreational and commercial purposes. Quotes "Today, we are pleased to welcome CCGS Captain Molly Kool into the Canadian Coast Guard fleet. This icebreaker will provide essential support to the shipping industry, while keeping Canadians safe along our waterways. Canadians can be proud of the men and women of our Coast Guard, and the important work they carry out from coast, to coast, to coast." The Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Fisheries, Oceans, and the Canadian Coast Guard "CCGS Captain Molly Kool is a welcome and much needed addition into the Canadian Coast Guard fleet. Congratulations to the skilled workers of Chantier Davie for their excellent work in bringing this ship into service for the upcoming icebreaking season. This project is yet another example of how the National Shipbuilding Strategy is supporting jobs and prosperity in communities across Canada, including here in Quebec." The Honourable Carla Qualtrough, Minister of Public Services and Procurement and Accessibility "I am proud to be here with my colleague the Minister of Public Services and Procurement and Accessibility, and my colleague the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Finance and Member of Parliament for Louis-Hébert, in order to highlight the excellent work achieved by the Chantier Davie workers on CCGS Captain Molly Kool.  The importance of the Chantier Davie for the Canadian shipbuilding industry and for our region's economy is undeniable. The high quality of the refit and conversion work conducted on CCGS Captain Molly Kool is another example of our workers' exceptional know-how. Together, we can consider the future with confidence.." The Honourable Jean-Yves Duclos, Minister of Families, Children and Social Development  Quick Facts CCGS Captain Molly Kool measures 93.7 metres in length, and has a beam of 18 metres. It is classified as a medium icebreaker, and can maintain a speed of 3 knots through ice up to 1 metre thick. In addition to icebreaking, the ship will support other Coast Guard programs, such as Search and Rescue and Environmental Response Icebreakers are crucial to Coast Guard services, the safety of mariners, protection of coastal waters, and efficient transport of people and goods through Canada's waterways. https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/the-government-of-canada-reaffirms-its-commitment-to-davie-and-its-workers-702780082.html

  • Canada to deploy cargo plane part time for UN missions in new year

    24 décembre 2018 | Local, Aérospatial

    Canada to deploy cargo plane part time for UN missions in new year

    Murray Brewster · CBC News A Canadian military Hercules transport will soon begin once-a-week support missions for United Nations peacekeeping operations in Africa, the country's top military commander said. Those flights, by a C-130J, will eventually morph to a full-fledged deployment and deliver on the second in a long list of capabilities promised over a year ago by the Liberal government at a star-studded international conference in Vancouver. Gen. Jonathan Vance, chief of the defence staff, refused to be pinned down to a specific date when asked in a year-end interview with CBC News. His remarks were made prior to last weekend's quick, clandestine trip by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to visit Canadian aircrew and personnel taking part in the UN mission in Mali. 'This hasn't been done before' The aircraft being used will split its time between supporting operations in Iraq and flying out Entebbe, Uganda, for the UN. A letter to assist, which sets out the terms of the arrangement with the UN, has yet to be finalized and Vance defended the amount of time it has taken to fulfil what was expected to be an easy promise. "This hasn't been done before," he said. "It's pretty new. This is Canada offering up a capability where there wasn't necessarily a capability before." Usually as peace support operations unfold the UN makes requests for specific military equipment and personnel. But with the medium-lift cargo plane, Vance said, Canadian planners pointed out to the UN the need for an aircraft to support operations in Africa. "There's always need for air power," he said. There has been frustration with Canada at UN headquarters in New York. After many lofty, high-profile words of political support, the Liberal government has over the last three years turned down a number of specific peacekeeping requests, including mission command posts. A copy of the 2017 list of requests for multilateral peace operations — known internally within government as the evergreen list — was obtained by CBC News under access-to-information legislation. It shows that after being spurned throughout 2016 the UN appeared to scale back what it asked of Canada to only a handful of assignments involving single soldiers or pairs of soldiers, for leadership training or advising missions. Trudeau touts Mali mission as success Over the weekend in Mali, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau refused to extend the anticipated mid-summer end of Canada's helicopter support mission in the war-torn country. The UN requested the time to cover an anticipated gap between the current detachment and the arrival of the Romanian relief force. He declared the Mali mission to be a success and even suggested it was contributing to the peace process in that country by giving UN operations more certainty. Canada's approach of sharing its expertise and refined equipment is, Trudeau insisted, the best approach. "Part of the way Canada can best help involves coming, taking on an operation, demonstrating how it can be done in the absolute best possible way and helping others gain in those capacities," he said while answering questions from reporters on Saturday. Even still, there remains a long list of unfulfilled promises to the UN, said Walter Dorn, a professor of defence studies at the Canadian Forces College. At the Vancouver conference, the Liberal government promised to deliver a quick reaction force of 200 soldiers for a future peacekeeping mission as well as military training for other less experienced countries that contribute to operations. It also pledged to help get more women involved in peacekeeping through a measure known as the Elsie Initiative. That, Dorn said, is "inching along," with two partner countries, Ghana and Zambia, selected earlier this year, "but I haven't heard of actual progress." Vance said he is working with a three-to-five year timeline, and the initiatives promised in Vancouver were not intended to be delivered all at once. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/canada-to-deploy-cargo-plane-part-time-for-un-missions-in-new-year-1.4958079

  • CAE acquiert Alpha-Omega Change Engineering (AOCE)

    2 août 2018 | Local, Aérospatial

    CAE acquiert Alpha-Omega Change Engineering (AOCE)

    CAE a annoncé aujourd’hui que CAE USA Mission Solutions Inc., une filiale de CAE USA, a fait l’acquisition d’Alpha-Omega Change Engineering (AOCE) pour approximativement 29 millions $ US, exclusion faite des ajustements usuels après clôture. L’acquisition permettra de renforcer les compétences principales de CAE USA en tant qu’intégrateur de systèmes de formation, de faire croître la position de CAE sur les plateformes ayant une longue durée de vie comme celles des avions de chasse, et d’accroître la capacité de CAE USA à mettre sur pied des programmes de sécurité de niveau supérieur aux États-Unis. AOCE, dont le siège social se trouve à Williamsburg, en Virginie, offre une gamme de services de formation des équipages, d’évaluation et d’essais opérationnels et de services de soutien technique au U.S Department of Defense et à la communauté du renseignement des États-Unis. « Cette acquisition cadre directement avec les priorités stratégiques de CAE en matière de croissance et d’expansion de ses capacités au sein du plus important marché de la défense au monde », a déclaré Marc Parent, président et chef de la direction de CAE. « AOCE possède des contrats et un rendement antérieur en matière de systèmes télépilotés, de formation des équipages, de développement de didacticiels pour les chasseurs et les aéronefs d’opérations spéciales et l’aérospatiale et la défense antimissile », a déclaré Ray Duquette, président et directeur général, CAE USA. « Cette acquisition permettra d’améliorer considérablement les capacités d’intégration des systèmes de formation de CAE USA et nous permettra de saisir des occasions d’affaires plus importantes aux États-Unis. » AOCE a été fondée en 1997 et emploie environ 600 personnes. C’est une entreprise florissante qui offre des services de formation, d’ingénierie et de consultation. Elle est actuellement maître d’œuvre d’une gamme de programmes pour le U.S. Department of Defense, notamment : le contrat de formation des employés de la maintenance et des équipages à Kirtland, Davis-Monthan, Joint Base Andrews, Moody (KDAM) en soutien au programme de formation des équipages et de soutien à l’entraînement de l’Air Force Special Operations Command (ATARS); le contrat à quantité et à livraison indéfinies du U.S. Army Space & Missile Defense Command pour fournir des services de soutien opérationnel et d’ingénierie; le contrat de formation des équipages de la U.S. Air Force et de développement de didacticiels pour les équipages des F-15, F-16 et F-22. « CAE est un chef de file en formation reconnu mondialement. Nous avons eu la chance de connaître CAE et d’établir une excellente relation de travail avec elle en travaillant sur des programmes comme celui de l’entraînement des équipages de l’avion télépiloté MQ-9 Reaper », a déclaré Jim Hartney, président du conseil d’administration d’AOCE. « Cette acquisition et notre intégration à CAE généreront de nouvelles occasions de croissance pour AOCE et nos employés. » CAE USA a aussi annoncé la mise sur pied de CAE USA Mission Solutions Inc., une filiale de CAE USA, qui découle d’une entente de procuration avec le gouvernement des États-Unis. L’entente de procuration permet à Mission Solutions de mettre sur pied des programmes de sécurité de niveau supérieur et de les exécuter. À propos de CAE La division Défense et sécurité de CAE aide ses clients à atteindre et à maintenir le meilleur état de préparation des missions qui soit. Nous sommes un intégrateur de systèmes de formation de classe mondiale qui offre un vaste éventail de centres et de services de formation et de produits de simulation dans les segments de marché des forces aériennes, des forces terrestres, des forces navales et de la sécurité publique. Nous desservons des clients mondiaux dans les domaines de la défense et de la sécurité par l’intermédiaire de nos opérations régionales au Canada, aux États-Unis et en Amérique latine, en Europe, au Moyen-Orient et en Afrique ainsi qu’en Asie-Pacifique, qui tirent profit de la gamme complète de capacités, de technologies et de solutions de CAE. CAE est un chef de file mondial en formation dans les domaines de l’aviation civile, de la défense et sécurité, et de la santé. Appuyés par plus de 70 ans d’innovations, nous participons à la définition des normes mondiales en formation. Nos solutions innovatrices, qui vont de la formation virtuelle à l’entraînement en vol, rendent le transport aérien plus sécuritaire, gardent nos forces de défense prêtes pour leurs missions et améliorent la sécurité des patients. Nous avons la plus vaste présence mondiale de l’industrie, avec plus de 8 500 employés, 160 emplacements et centres de formation dans plus de 35 pays. Nous assurons chaque année la formation de plus de 120 000 membres d’équipage du secteur civil et du secteur de la défense et de milliers de professionnels de la santé dans le monde.  https://www.cae.com/fr/nouvelles-et-evenements/communique-de-presse/cae-acquires-alpha-omega-change-engineering-aoce/

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