25 septembre 2019 | International, Terrestre

SDLE has been awarded the contract for maintenance of the Leopard 2A4 towers

Madrid, September 25, 2019 - The Spanish Ministry of Defence has awarded Star Defence Logistics & Engineering (SDLE) the contract for the maintenance of the Leopard 2A4 vehicle towers. This service for the Spanish Army covers the repair of assemblies and sub-assemblies of the vehicle's fire control systems, as well as the preventive and evolutionary maintenance of the systems.

The preventive maintenance will be carried out at the different Army Operating Units, while the corrective and evolutionary maintenance will be fulfilled at SDLE main headquarters, located in Móstoles (Madrid).

The company's facilities are fitted with infrastructure for the repair of complete vehicles. Within this contract, all systems failures will be repaired, as well as the obsolescences and product improvements will also be done. This contract, with a total budget of 1.5 million euros, will be developed until the end of 2021.

During the last year, SDLE tripled its workforce, currently having 160 employees. This growth has come from the strong commitment and investment in R&D, which earned the company the recognition of Innovative SME in 2018.

SDLE has recently expanded its facilities and opened new Optronics, Electronics and Communications & Security Departments, which join the company's Engineering Department for the development of logistical support software at military operations.

About SDLE

Star Defence Logistics & Engineering (www.sdle.info) has an extensive experience as independent distributor of spare parts for military vehicles and equipment.

SDLE is one of the main suppliers of the military sector in Spain, and is already exporting products and services to more than 25 countries.

Its continuous growth and commitment to innovation have led the company to also be a leader in logistical and technological support services, as well as in the development of UAVs.

Aeronáutica SDLE is the Group Divison specialized in the development and integration of unmanned aerial systems for Defence and Security use. In this field, it stands out for the development of anti-drone systems and solutions to improve the situational awareness of land vehicles.

Communication Department Star Defence Logistics & Engineering S.L.
Tel. (+34) 914 989 196


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    Embraer et Boeing annoncent le C-390 Millenium.

    Le biréacteur de transport militaire, qui se pose en remplaçant du C-130 Hercules, fait l'objet d'une première joint-venture entre les deux avionneurs américains. Il est important de noter que l'annonce s'est faite pendant le salon de Dubaï sous l'égide de Boeing Embraer-Defense, co-entreprise (joint-venture) créée par les deux avionneurs pour la commercialisation de l'appareil. La JV sera possédée à 51% par le partenaire brésilien. Une deuxième JV, baptisée cette fois Boeing Brasil – Commercial et portant sur la gamme commerciale d'Embraer, doit voir le jour dans les semaines à venir et sera possédée cette fois à 80% par Boeing. Mais revenons au Millenium... En enlevant la lettre « K » et la capacité de ravitaillement en vol à son KC-390, Embraer offre désormais un appareil plus léger et moins coûteux à la clientèle miliaire, pour les missions de transport tactique. L'avion ne perd rien de sa polyvalence en matière de transport et de parachutage ni de ses capacités d'évolution sur les terrains sommaires. Le KC-390 a été certifié par les autorités brésiliennes en 2018 et le premier appareil de série a été livré à la force aérienne brésilienne le 4 septembre dernier. La livraison du deuxième, sur une commande de 28 appareils notifiée au lancement du programme, en 2010, devrait intervenir avant la fin de l'année. Le Portugal a quant à lui signé en août dernier pour cinq avions livrables à partir de 2023. https://www.aerobuzz.fr/breves-defense/embraer-et-boeing-annoncent-le-c-390-millenium/?page_b=2

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    L3Harris Technologies awarded $233 Million in contracts to support key Australia Defence Forces modernization initiatives

    Rochester, N.Y. January 26, 2021 — The Australian Defence Force has awarded L3Harris Technologies (NYSE: LHX) contracts totaling $233 million (USD) to deliver secure communications and advanced night vision goggle technology to support the country's key modernization initiatives. L3Harris was awarded a three-year, $115 million follow-on FFP contract under the Direct Commercial Sale (DCS) arrangements for the Australian Defence Force's Delphic - Cryptographic Modernization program. L3Harris will deliver tactical radios, waveforms and ancillaries that support emerging cryptographic modernization standards. The company also was awarded a $118 million contract to provide advanced night vision goggle technology to enhance Army soldiers' ability to locate and engage threats – improving their situational awareness, mobility and safety. The award follows L3Harris' successful delivery of night vision technology for Tranche 1 of the Land 53 program in 2020. L3Harris will deliver its Fused Night Vision System (FNVS), which incorporates the latest in night vision capabilities – fusing image intensification technology with thermal imagery to provide soldiers with enhanced situational awareness, targeting and identification capability in all battlefield conditions and light levels. When combined with the L3Harris battery pack, the FNVS delivers critical battlefield information directly to the soldier's eye. Both contracts include full in-country support and repair capabilities in Australia. “These key modernization programs extend L3Harris' long-term partnership with the Australian Defence Force, supporting mission needs for advanced secure communications and night vision capabilities, and will also leverage our expanded technical support capability in Australia,” said Dana Mehnert, President, Communication Systems, L3Harris. About L3Harris Technologies L3Harris Technologies is an agile global aerospace and defense technology innovator, delivering end-to-end solutions that meet customers' mission-critical needs. The company provides advanced defense and commercial technologies across air, land, sea, space and cyber domains. L3Harris has approximately $18 billion in annual revenue and 48,000 employees, with customers in more than 100 countries. www.L3Harris.com Forward-Looking Statements This press release contains forward-looking statements that reflect management's current expectations, assumptions and estimates of future performance and economic conditions. Such statements are made in reliance upon the safe harbor provisions of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. The company cautions investors that any forward-looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties that may cause actual results and future trends to differ materially from those matters expressed in or implied by such forward-looking statements. Statements about the value or expected value of orders, contracts or programs, about system or technology capabilities are forward-looking and involve risks and uncertainties. L3Harris disclaims any intention or obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events, or otherwise. View source version on L3Harris Technologies: https://www.l3harris.com/newsroom/press-release/2021/01/l3harris-technologies-awarded-233-million-contracts-support-key

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