28 décembre 2023 | International, Sécurité

New Zealand naval chief talks future fleet, unmanned tech

The service has had difficulty operating all of its maritime platforms amid recruiting and retention woes.


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  • U.S. Army Upgrades UAS Ground Control Station

    25 mai 2020 | International, Aérospatial, C4ISR

    U.S. Army Upgrades UAS Ground Control Station

    Published: 23 May 2020 by Mike Ball Leidos has been awarded a contract by the U.S. government's General Services Administration (GSA) to provide software upgrades for the U.S. Army's Unmanned Aircraft System Ground Control Station – Version 4 (UASGCS-V4). The upgraded software solution will be compatible with the existing common baseline and will maximize reusable efficiencies for the existing UAS, as well as U.S. Army, Department of Defense and commercially-available software. This will result in a simplified, efficient and integrated system that will make both training and operation simpler as well as providing commanders with maximum concept of operations (CONOP) flexibility. The new solution will improve the ability of unmanned aircraft ground control station operators to see where they need to go, locate enemies and execute their mission. As part of the contract, Leidos will provide engineering services for technical and logistics support, including software development. Leidos will also support integration of the new design solution into the Army's Universal Ground Control Station (UGCS) as well as system qualification, certification and operational testing for multiple UAS platforms. Michael Hile, Leidos division manager, Airborne Solutions, commented: “We look forward to supporting the U.S Army's UASGCS-V4 through this next-generation software solution. Our team's expertise in software programming and development, along with their deep mission knowledge, will help ensure the success of this critical mission.” https://www.unmannedsystemstechnology.com/2020/05/u-s-army-upgrades-uas-ground-control-station/

  • The Army needs a near-term strategy for the 2020s

    12 octobre 2023 | International, C4ISR

    The Army needs a near-term strategy for the 2020s

    The U.S. Army must close the munitions gap, improve the survivability of tanks and strengthen competencies within the electromagnetic spectrum.

  • Army looks to give its old combat boot the boot

    14 janvier 2019 | International, Terrestre

    Army looks to give its old combat boot the boot

    By JOHN VANDIVER | STARS AND STRIPES The Army is testing new combat boots at select boot camps in a push to better compete with the more comfortable commercial brands favored by many soldiers for their lightness. The U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command Soldier Center in Natick, Mass., has developed prototypes that soldiers will wear at three different basic training and active duty sites during the next four months. “Soldiers live in their boots and many will tell you that there is no piece of equipment more important to their lethality and readiness,” said Al Adams, a team leader at the Army's soldier center, in a statement. “A bad pair of boots will ruin a Soldier's day and possibly result in injuries, so we really believe that each of these prototype boots have the potential to improve the lives of Soldiers.” The prototypes, which utilize more flexible types of leather and lighter outsoles, will be fielded to 800 new recruits at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., and Fort Jackson, S.C. Another 900 pairs will go to infantry soldiers at Fort Bliss, Texas. The Army's soldier center team will custom-fit each pair and collect solider surveys on boot performance in the spring. The prototypes are up to 1.5 pounds lighter per pair than those issued today. “In terms of energy expenditure or calories burned, 1-pound of weight at the feet is equivalent to 4-pounds in your rucksack,” Adams said in a statement. The prototypes in their current design would be the first significant change to the basic Army combat boot in years. While there have been improvements to the Army's special footwear for jungle, mountain and cold weather locations, there is room for improvement in general-purpose boots issued to new recruits, the Army said. “Most components of these combat boots have not been updated in almost 30 years,” Army footwear engineer Anita Perkins said in a statement. Army surveys have found that satisfaction with the Army combat boot is lower than with commercial varieties. In a poll of 14,000 soldiers, the Army said it found that nearly 50 percent choose comfortable sneaker-like commercial boots over Army-issued ones. The problem confronting Army officials is that commercial comfort can come with trade-offs. The Army said its ultimate aim is to bridge the comfort gap while maintaining durability and protection. vandiver.john@stripes.com Twitter: @john_vandiver https://www.stripes.com/news/army-looks-to-give-its-old-combat-boot-the-boot-1.563985

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