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Ottawa Conference on Security and Defence


March 10 - 12, 2021 2021-03-10 2021-03-12 America/Toronto Ottawa Conference on Security and Defence

Featuring a guest panel by Brookings Institution hosted by General John Allen, President.

“Death by a thousand cuts” is how the Chief of Defence Staff, speaking at last year’s Ottawa Conference, described the threat of 24/7 below-the-threshold incidents that Canada is currently up against. “In isolation, they would not merit large scale responses. But viewed cumulatively, it is clear they demand a new approach.”

Such attacks are not only directed on our allies. They include daily attempts to hack government databases and information systems and critical infrastructure here at home, influence our elections, and undermine our sovereignty physically and virtually. As a middle power often caught in the crossfire of great power competition, how should we design the best Canadian response?   

Our 89th Annual Ottawa Conference, virtual edition, brings the world to Ottawa for a conversation about values, threats, new and emerging technologies, alliances, and building resiliency together.   

We contend that the rules-based international order on which global peace and security rests is under strain, and needs defending now more than ever since it was founded, because it is a vehicle for making the world safer, more prosperous, and which can enhance human rights and democracy. Not only these good for Canada; they are good in and of themselves