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  • 26 Apr. - 7 May. 2021

    Industry Day, Naval

    Trident Spectre 2021 Update

    The Naval Special Warfare Group TEN and the Trident Spectre stakeholders have finalized the selections for the TS 2021 Exercise and have informed the selected Capability Developers and respective Government Sponsors. The TS team is completing stakeholder consultations and finalizing plans for the execution of the exercise at JEB Little Creek, VA.   Trident Spectre is the Naval Special Warfare Innovation Battle Lab.  It’s an annual exercise focused on the integration of operations, intelligence, and technology, and comes together as a result of continuous planning and collaboration with joint interagency stakeholders.  At the Core of all planning are USSOCOM operational capability shortfalls and needs from the intelligence community.

  • 6 May 2021

    Industry Day, Aerospace, Naval, Land, C4ISR, Security

    Introducing 2021's biggest business networking opportunity: Canadian Defence Marketplace

    Introducing 2021's biggest business networking opportunity: Canadian Defence Marketplace! Canadian Defence Marketplace is a new and innovative global platform bringing industry and government leaders together for virtual business-to-business and business-to-government meetings on May 6, 2021, and November 4, 2021. What Canadian Defence Marketplace is NOT is a trade show. Instead, Canadian Defence Marketplace is a global platform that offers you access to international buyers, distributors, and decision-makers interested in your products and services. The virtual nature of the marketplace allows for secure, private, and unlimited 20-minute B2B and B2G meetings on the event days through video conferencing from wherever you are in the world.  Are you a government buyer or regional development agency looking to connect with Canadian and international companies possessing specific capabilities? Click here to learn how you can participate and how we can help you meet your KPIs.

  • 7 - 9
    Jun. 2021

    Conference, Naval, C4ISR

    Future Soldier Technology USA Conference

    We are proud to present the 2nd annual Future Soldier Technology USA conference on the 9th & 10th June 2020 taking place in Arlington, Washington, USA. New this year will be a dismounted situational awareness focus day taking place on the 8th of June. As militaries reorient and modernise their combat capabilities, the dismounted soldier remains critical to the success of combat operations. Major strides are being made in providing soldiers with enhanced abilities to maneuver, detect, target and defeat threats at greater ranges and speed than ever before. Critical to mission success, soldiers' capabilities to engage and defeat new threats has been prioritised by Army Futures Command as a critical area for development. Future Soldier Technology USA will bring together military leaders and technical experts to address the evolving capability spectrum of dismounted technology of the US Armed Forces. Future Soldier Technology USA is the only dedicated conference of its kind in North America and will bring a unique focus to the future of soldier systems. The conference will discuss in detail soldier lethality, power management systems, mobility, sustainability and survivability. Additionally, as soldiers are increasingly integrated into an array of sensors and battlespace management systems, dismounted situational awareness is becoming a key area of overmatch capability. Our 'Situational Awareness' Focus Day will delve into the latest developments in this capability areas. Key Topics Addressed Will Include: Enhancing soldier lethality Next Generation Squad Weapon Advanced target acquisition systems Soldier sensors Manned unmanned teaming Communication systems Battlespace management Soldier sustainability Systems trialling and evaluation Synthetic training environments Augmented reality Benefits of Attending Participate in the only event in North America focused solely on Soldier and Marine equipment modernization and capability development Hear the latest developments from innovative and cutting-edge soldier modernization projects including Soldier Warrior, Nett Warrior, IVAS, Marine Expeditionary Rifle Squad and many others Meet and network with the senior officers and civilians at the forefront of soldier capability development in the US Army and Marine Corps

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