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Sujet : Nouveaux défis lancé par le Centre de l’innovation de l’OTAN pour lutter contre la COVID-19

Sujet : Nouveaux défis lancé par le Centre de l’innovation de l’OTAN pour lutter contre la COVID-19

Dans le cadre d'un effort coordonné pour lutter contre la COVID-19, IDEeS veut informer les innovateurs au sujet de défis liés à la COVID-19 publiés par le Centre de l'innovation de l'OTAN. Le Centre de l'innovation de l'OTAN est composé d'une communauté d'experts de partout au monde qui collaborent pour relever des défis de l'OTAN et de développer des solutions.

En réponse à la pandémie, le Centre de l'innovation a lancé deux défis :

  1. Identifier les fausses informations et atténuer leurs effets; et
  2. Livraison de fournitures aux personnes et aux équipes isolées.

Ces défis sont ouverts à tous. Vous pouvez soumettre vos solutions ici : https://www.innovationhub-act.org/challenge-intro

Si vous avez des questions, vous pouvez communiquer directement avec l'OTAN par courriel sactinnovationhub@act.nato.int

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  • Remote GeoSystems and North Shore Rescue Announce Successful Deployment of geoDVR and FLIR gimbal for SAR Missions with Talon Helicopters, LineVision Software Donation

    20 novembre 2017 | Local, Aérospatial, C4ISR

    Remote GeoSystems and North Shore Rescue Announce Successful Deployment of geoDVR and FLIR gimbal for SAR Missions with Talon Helicopters, LineVision Software Donation

    FORT COLLINS, Colorado/VANCOUVER, British Columbia – Remote GeoSystems, North Shore Rescue and Talon Helicopters are pleased to announce the successful deployment of a geoDVR™ Gen2 with a FLIR daylight EO/IR gyro-stabilized video camera on an Airbus TwinStar (AS355) for Search and Rescue (SAR) missions. The geoDVR Gen2 is an advanced mil-spec DVR for recording multiple channels of HD & Standard-Definition geospatial full motion video in airborne and rugged vehicle environments. The geoDVR's ability to reliably record HD color and IR, along with continuous GPS data and Live Moving Maps, makes it ideally suited for professional airborne search & rescue, law enforcement and infrastructure inspection applications that utilize multi-sensor gimbal video cameras. “Remote Geo has a reputation for building one of the industry's most dependable and user-friendly airborne geospatial video recorders, complete with flexible post-flight mapping tools. So the geoDVR Gen2 was an obvious choice when we were asked to fly the FLIR on the TwinStar for mountain search and rescue,” says Peter Murray, Founder/Operations Manager at Talon Helicopters. North Shore Rescue and Talon Helicopters team operate the geoDVR and FLIR during ground training in October 2017 “Adding the FLIR camera to North Shore Rescue's toolbox has been a great enhancement to NSR's capabilities. Having the ability to record and geo-track the location of the video seemed essential to maximizing the full potential of the FLIR camera. The geoDVR allows searchers to review recorded video for clues that may or may not have been observed during the flight,” says Jim Loree, North Shore Rescue SAR Manager and Air Operations Coordinator. According to Loree, “This feature could also be highly valuable in a large-scale disaster such as an earthquake where widespread areas are surveyed for damage. Emergency Operation Centers would be able to use the data to help them make decisions on where and how to deploy resources based on the exact location and extent of damages provided by the video recording.” North Shore Rescue and Talon Helicopters will use the geoDVR with a FLIR generously donated by Port of Vancouver to perform helicopter-based SAR operations with color and infrared. Then, using LineVision™ software post-flight, North Shore Rescue will review the geoDVR videos and flight tracks overlaid on Google Earth and Esri maps for training mission planning and recovery operations. Since North Shore Rescue is an all volunteer organization, Remote GeoSystems donated 18 LineVision Esri Maps and LineVision Google Earth licenses as part of the implementation. ### About North Shore Rescue North Shore Rescue (North Shore Search and Rescue) is a volunteer community-based Mountain Search and Rescue Team based in Vancouver, BC and performs approximately 130 rescue calls a year. The team consists of approximately 45 volunteers skilled in search and rescue operations in mountain, canyon and urban settings. The team has existed for 50 years, making it one of the oldest SAR teams in Canada. During this time the number of calls each year has gradually increased. Over the past 50 years the team has been involved in more than 2500 search and rescue operations volunteering over 200,000 hours of effort. These calls have involved over 2000 subjects, and approximately 25% of the calls have involved subject injuries or death. Learn more by visiting http://www.northshorerescue.com/ About Talon Helicopters Talon is Vancouver's number one supplier of helicopter services, and the region's largest supplier of intermediate helicopters. Talon is locally owned and operated, and provides exceptional customer service with 20 years of incident and accident free operations. Specialized mission services include search & rescue, broadcast and film, wildfire suppression and utility patrols/operations. Learn more by visiting http://www.taloncopters.com/ https://www.remotegeo.com/north-shore-rescue-talon-helicopters-geodvr-flir-sar/

  • QinetiQ Target Systems and Canadian UAVs Sign MOU for Commercial and Military UAV Services in Canada

    5 novembre 2018 | Local, Aérospatial

    QinetiQ Target Systems and Canadian UAVs Sign MOU for Commercial and Military UAV Services in Canada

    CALGARY, Nov. 5, 2018 /CNW/ - QinetiQ Target Systems, the largest UAV manufacturer in Canada, and Canadian UAVs (CUAVs), Canada's leading unmanned aviation solutions provider for enterprise and military applications, is proud to announce that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), outlining how the two companies will work together to bring combined 'best of breed' solutions for military and commercial markets. The agreement focuses on providing services to clients requiring long range, endurance and payload capacity primarily with the Skeldar V200, Mosquito UHV-T Group 2 UAV and the class 1 UAV Snyper. With manufacturing and operations facilities in Medicine Hat and Calgary as well as satellite locations across the country including at major naval bases on both coasts, the partnership is perfectly placed to provide direct services for both the commercial, civil and military markets in Canada. "We are thrilled to partner with CUAVs. CUAVs provide outstanding UAV services and expertise, and we are confident that this partnership will meet and exceed the requirements of our existing and new UAV clients in Canada. We are also actively pursuing export opportunities to further leverage our joint capabilities", commented Vincent Malley, Director of Business Development at QinetiQ Target Systems. "Canadian UAVs is delighted to be working closely with QinetiQ Target Systems. They have been a UAV provider to the military for over three decades and we believe our current and future clients will benefit greatly from our comprehensive combined capacity and expertise. We are very excited for the future of unmanned aviation in Canadaand we believe this joint offering will have significant positive implications for the further advance of this industry." said Sean Greenwood, President, and CEO of Canadian UAVs". Notes for Editors: About QinetiQ Listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE: QQ.L), QinetiQ is a leading science and engineering company operating primarily in the defence, security and aerospace markets. Our customers are predominantly government organisations including defence departments, as well as international customers in other targeted sectors. Visit our website www.QinetiQ.com Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter @QinetiQ Consult our privacy policy About Canadian UAVs Canadian UAVs is a Calgary-based solutions provider focused on safety-first data acquisition for unmanned aerial vehicle applications. CUAVs provides a range of custom and innovative UAV solutions for industrial environments where advanced imaging is necessary for surveying on an iterative or fixed point basis. Using advanced technology to monitor and acquire data about industrial assets, the company provides a viable advantage for clients and enterprises seeking to mitigate risk. SOURCE Canadian UAVS For further information: Please contact, QinetiQ Press Office on Tel: +44 (0) 1252 39 3500 or email: PressOffice@QinetiQ.com; Contact: Sean Greenwood (403) 796-5102 or visit our website: http://CanadianUAVs.ca https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/qinetiq-target-systems-and-canadian-uavs-sign-memorandum-of-understanding-for-commercial-and-military-uav-services-in-canada-699634171.html


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    INITIATIVE DIVERSIFICATION SÉCURITÉ DÉFENSE QUÉBEC – HORIZON 2026 GRÂCE AU SOUTIEN FINANCIER DU GOUVERNEMENT DU QUÉBEC, AÉRO MONTRÉAL VOUS DONNE L’OPPORTUNITÉ DE PARTICIPER À UN PROGRAMME DE FORMATION ET D’ACCOMPAGNE MENT VISANT 4 MARCHÉS DU SECTEUR DE LA DÉFENSE ET DE LA SÉCURITÉ. Ce programme vous offre une bonne compréhension du marché d’intérêt et vous permettra de mieux naviguer la règlementation, mieux comprendre les barrières à l’entrée, et vous offre des solutions pour y accéder. L’accompagnement suivant la formation est offert par des experts en la matière et vous permet une identification des opportunités d’affaires et une mise en relation avec les bonnes entreprises. Pour plus de détails et pour s'inscrire, consulter le document ci-joint.

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