31 octobre 2022 | Information, Naval

Seaspan - Upcoming Polar & MPV Work Packages

Seaspan's Supply Chain Management department is responsible for all supply chain related activities (ie: demand planning, supplier selection, sourcing, negotiation, purchasing management, warehouse management, logistics and distribution management) on behalf of the member group of companies.

SCM is a centre-led organization with decentralized access via local supply chain professionals located throughout the operations to leverage centralized strategies while allowing for local specific operational requirements.

SCM has the authority, ownership and accountability for the commitment of funds for the acquisition by purchase or lease of all materials and/or services required by Seaspan and its affiliates.

The companies included within the SCM scope, includes, but is not limited to: Marine Petrobulk Limited Partnership, Seaspan Ferries Corporation, Seaspan ULC, Vancouver Drydock Company Ltd., Vancouver Shipyards Co. Ltd., Victoria Shipyards Co. Ltd.


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    Thales a déclaré dans un communiqué que son unité Thales Defence & Security (TDSI) allait acquérir la participation à parts égales de DRS, l'unité américaine de Leonardo, soit la pleine propriété dans la joint-venture Advanced Acoustic Concepts (AAC). Le portefeuille d'AAC, spécialisé dans les sonars, lui permettra de renforcer ses activités dans les systèmes sous-marins et la technologie navale. Cette cession fait suite à la vente par DRS, le mois dernier, de son activité de communication par satellite GES à SES pour 450 M$ alors que Leonardo réorganise son portefeuille d'actifs pour se concentrer sur ses activités principales telles que l'électronique de défense et les hélicoptères. « Cette transaction est une nouvelle étape dans l'exécution de notre plan industriel. Nous continuons à nous concentrer sur notre cœur de métier », a déclaré Alessandro Profumo, le directeur général de Leonardo. Challenges et La Tribune du 27 avril

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    Canada has a new representative at the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA / NCI Agency). Ms Joanna Glowacki started this fall and is ready to help Canadian companies connect with NATO ICT business opportunities. She can be reached at joanna.glowacki@ncia.nato.int or +32 (0)2 707.82.27 As you know, Canada has established a new Liaison Officer at the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) in Capellen, Luxembourg. Lieutenant-Colonel Martin Bedard arrived in the summer and some of you have already been engaging with him. Martin's email address is calo@nspa.nato.int Canadian companies are encouraged to continue to track NATO business opportunities on the websites of the two NATO Acquisition Agencies – NCI Agency and NSPA. For companies tracking ICT business opportunities at NATO, it is recommended that you follow the NCI Agency Bulletin Board website https://www.ncia.nato.int/Industry/Pages/Home.aspx for the latest updates on current business opportunities. If you see an opportunity of interest, shown on the website as a Notice of Intent (NOI), notify the Canadian Delegation to be added to the bidders list. There is no cost to receive the bid package and no commitment to bid once on the bidders list, although for each and every opportunity you must notify Canada's Delegation to NATO at BNATO.industry@international.gc.ca to be added to the bidders list. For NATO business opportunities in the area of logistics and maintenance, the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) website is: http://www.nspa.nato.int/en/index.htm. You should also register your company as a supplier of NSPA – there is no cost and no commitment to register your company – so you start to receive notices of NSPA business opportunities in your domain. You can register at the following link: http://www.nspa.nato.int/en/organization/procurement/supplier.htm. You can also view “Future Business Opportunities” on the NSPA database: http://www.nspa.nato.int/en/organization/procurement/fbo.htm. Right click on an item of interest for more detail. Check out as well the “Request for Proposal” opportunities at the same site – right side of page. You can also look at the following webpages for general information: Guide to navigating NATO procurement: http://www.forces.gc.ca/en/business-connecting-foreign-markets/nato-faqs-guide-procurement.page Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about NATO business opportunities: http://www.forces.gc.ca/en/business-connecting-foreign-markets/canadian-industry-doing-business-nato-faqs.page Guide pour la navigation- Acquisitions au sein de l'OTAN: http://www.forces.gc.ca/fr/faire-affaires-acceder-marches-etrangers/otan-faqs-guide-acquisition.page Réponses aux questions fréquemment posées sur les opportunités d'affaires de l'OTAN: http://www.forces.gc.ca/fr/faire-affaires-acceder-marches-etrangers/industrie-canadienne-faqs-otan.page

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