25 janvier 2018 | Local, Aérospatial

Determining how to upgrade the Griffon helicopter a focus for RCAF this year

More from David Pugliese, Ottawa Citizen

It’s going to take a while to do but the RCAF plans to extend the life of its Griffon helicopters out to the 2030s.

“The project will replace obsolete cockpit instruments and avionics with components that are supportable to the mid-2030s,” the RACF noted.  Adaptation and integration of existing avionics and electronic flight instruments in the aircraft will enable an extension of the life of the Griffon. Griffon flight simulators will be modified to conform to the fleet.  Finally, the project will ensure integrated logistic support, supply of initial spares and training.

 The anticipated timeline is as follows:

  • 2018 – Definition Approval (Definition is what should be done to meet the capability need, to determining how the preferred option will be implemented)
  • 2020 – Implementation Approval, Request for Proposal Release, Contract Award
  • 2024-2025 – Initial Operating Capability for Life-extended Griffons
  • 2026 – Final Delivery

It should be noted that this project has been delayed from its previous schedule. In 2015, the RCAF put definition approval for 2016. In addition, implementation, issuing of an RFP and awarding a contact were all to be done in 2018. Final delivery of the upgraded helicopters was to have taken place in 2024 under the old schedule.