25 juillet 2023 | International, Autre défense

BAE Systems unveils $1.9 billion economic impact of ground vehicle and weapon systems network

Through operations at its 12 sites, BAE Systems’ ground vehicle, amphibious vehicle and weapon systems product lines contributed to local families and economies by providing more than 5,000 jobs and...


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  • UK set to join EU project helping swift military movements across Europe

    15 novembre 2022 | International, Autre défense

    UK set to join EU project helping swift military movements across Europe

    European Union defence ministers paved the way on Tuesday for Britain to join an EU project aimed at facilitating the swift movement of troops and military equipment across Europe, as war rages in Ukraine for a ninth month.

  • Oshkosh robot trucks could roll out to the Army by 2020

    9 octobre 2018 | International, Terrestre

    Oshkosh robot trucks could roll out to the Army by 2020

    By: Kelsey Atherton Simple subtraction explains the impetus for self-driven supply convoys: For every autonomously driven vehicle, that's one fewer human driver needed, and likely one or two fewer human escorts in the vehicle itself. Fewer humans means fewer injuries and deaths whenever the convoy encounters violence, like an ambush or an improvised explosive device. Then there is multiplication: Take the driver and the escorts out of each truck in a seven-truck convoy, and that's suddenly 14 to 21 soldiers that can do other tasks, like escorting the convoys in other, better-armored vehicles, ones that can withstand IEDs or provide more protection from small arms fire. In June, the U.S. Army awarded Oshkosh Defense $49 million to integrate autonomous technology with the Palletized Load System vehicles in order to put robotics in the driver's seat. “It actually drives very, very human,” says John Beck, senior chief engineer for unmanned systems at Oshkosh. “The motion control algorithms that are done both on the by-wire side and on the autonomy side drive this vehicle much like a person does.” Full article: https://www.c4isrnet.com/digital-show-dailies/ausa/2018/10/07/oshkosh-robot-trucks-could-roll-out-to-the-army-by-2020/

  • FN Herstal to equip Luxembourg’s Army

    31 octobre 2022 | International, Terrestre

    FN Herstal to equip Luxembourg’s Army

    These new generation armoured vehicles will integrate high-tech equipment, significantly improving communication, information management and collaborative combat capabilities, as well as crew safety

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