Québec enjoys an exceptional location in Canada, with the country's largest coastline crossed by an important maritime canal. So it's not surprising that naval and maritime industries have an enviable reputation.

To date, there are seven shipyards in Québec who regularly work on federal contracts, in addition to several companies that have established themselves at the lower levels of the industry and have gained the reputations of leaders.

In Québec, you'll find electronic system integrators (combat systems, propulsion systems, C4ISR, sensors), small-vessel manufacturers and repair and maintenance workshops for small and medium-sized vessels. Québec possesses significant expertise in four naval-related market segments:

  1. On-board systems and components (mission systems);
  2.  Manufacturing, ship structures and components;
  3. Maintenance, repair and refit of ships;
  4. Simulation systems for ships, including staff training through scenarios (for example, smart software, visual systems, network simulations and real-time simulators).

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