Québec is extremely well served in the land transportation industry, made up of more than 650 companies, with more than 31,000 employees and revenues of more than $ 7 billion. In addition, there are large, internationally known, land-based infrastructure, simulation, transportation and ammunition prime contractors located in Québec, as well as clusters of suppliers around certain prime contractors.

Québec's strength is the great diversity of its transportation vehicles and ability to innovate and adapt products to different customer base. As North American leaders in several specialized markets, Québec companies aim to accelerate adoption of innovative technologies for defence, security and civil protection markets. In some cases, products developed by Québec suppliers and exportable abroad are not affected by requirements of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) at the international level and are therefore more attractive.

 Québec has significant expertise in eight land-related market segments:

  1. Ammunitions;
  2. Electro-optical, radar and sonar systems and components; fire control, warning and countermeasure systems and related components;
  3. Communication and navigation systems; and other information technologies (including processing and dissemination), software, electronic devices and their components;
  4. Combat vehicles and components;
  5. Maintenance, repair and overhaul of combat vehicles and related training activities;
  6. Simulation systems for land vehicles and other applications, including staff training through simulation (e.g. intelligent software, visual systems, network simulations and real-time simulators);
  7. Staff training and combat training services, including land military training services; and training of military shooters and snipers;
  8. Troop support, mainly military and protective equipment and clothing, as well as camp facilities and military shelters.

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