The C4ISR sector covers a wide range of applications and technologies and applies equally to the land, naval, aerospace and joint sectors. The Québec C4ISR industry is reputed for the technological innovations of its companies, its high-calibre and lower-cost workforce compared to the American market, and its government support for research and development.

In Québec, you will find information technology companies (sensor, instrumentation, telecommunications, microelectronics, signal and image processing, data fusion and software) known for their technological innovations and highly qualified human resources. We also have particular expertise and superior skills in the field of electro-optical sensors.

Québec has significant expertise in several market segments related to the C4ISR sector, including

  • Target acquisition;
  • High-power optical amplifiers, secure optical communications, components for optical communications, fiberoptics and optical/engineering design
  • Image analysis, spectral and hyperspectral camera, visible camera, infrared;
  • Fiberoptic sensors, spectral sensors, fiber sensors;.
  • Remote detection of chemicals, chemical detection and analysis;
  • Intruder detection (fiber sensors, for example);
  • Additive manufacturing - fiber laser modules;
  • Geomatics, geolocation, navigation, guidance;
  • 3D imaging/ digital imaging and active imaging;
  • Lasers, fiber lasers, lasers for distance measurements, laser marking, lasers and THZ measures marking;
  • LIDAR ;
  • Rapid prototyping, microassembly and micro-alignment;
  • Virtual reality and immersive environment;
  • Vision systems for quality control or automation, test systems for laser fiber systems, laser systems (cutting, refining, welding, etc.);
  • Quantum technologies.

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