Québec has a large and diversified aerospace industry, with a large pool of suppliers and increased presence of leading companies. The sector as a whole is prioritized by top-notch government support that prioritizes its development. It also enjoys privileged access to the US defence market under historic agreements from the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD).

There are many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Québec that work in traditional manufacturing sectors and find their place in the aerospace industry. In addition, several aerospace industry players have expertise and resources relevant to the defence sector, particularly in the following market segments:

  1. Military systems deployed in space and ground systems used to operate, command and control systems deployed in space and related components;
  2. Electro-optical systems, radar, sonar and other sensors and systems for collecting information; control and alert systems; and other related components;
  3. Communication and navigation systems; other information technologies (including processing and broadcasting systems), software, electronic devices and components;
  4. Manufacture of aircraft, structures and components;
  5. Maintenance, repair and overhaul services relating to military aircraft, engines and accessories; related training activities;
  6. Unmanned aerial vehicle systems and components;
  7. Aircraft simulation systems, including training of personnel using simulated scenarios (e.g. intelligent software, visual systems, network simulations and real-time simulators);
  8. Staff and combat training services, including military air training services.


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