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June 18, 2019 | Local, Aerospace



Vision 2025: Beyond our Imagination is an industry-led initiative to start a new dialogue between industry, government, the public, and other stakeholders that will chart a course for Canada's future in the international aerospace sector.

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  • Information Session – Interdepartmental Supply Arrangement for Small Boats / Interdepartmental In-Water Vessel Cleaning Initiative

    July 9, 2020 | Local, Naval

    Information Session – Interdepartmental Supply Arrangement for Small Boats / Interdepartmental In-Water Vessel Cleaning Initiative

    Please find attached the presentation regarding the opportunity : Supply Arrangement (SA) Information: Background How vendors can qualify Next Steps / Informations AMA Frequently asked questions In-Water Vessel Cleaning Initiative Information Contexte Request for Information (RFI) Next Steps

  • Evolving battlespace triggers training innovation

    February 4, 2019 | Local, Other Defence

    Evolving battlespace triggers training innovation

    BY ROBIN BILLINGHAM © 2019 FrontLine (Vol 16, No 1) The global shift to full-spectrum warfare and in-and-out mission fighting have given rise to an evolution in training requirements and methodologies. Previous training technologies were helpful in many ways, including cost savings on operational equipment, but were limited in scope and time-consuming to prepare. Innovative developers have now taken the simulation option to the next level. Digitally-simulated training environments can enhance a soldier's real-time decision-making abilities and improve the likelihood of mission success when confronted by an unconventional enemy – and that was the aim of previous generation technologies. Significant cost-savings are also achieved through these training systems and is a major reason why they have been widely implemented. The evolution of large scale digital training exercises developed quite rapidly once it became feasible to exercise without the huge expense of sending brigades or divisions into the field. Soon, digital exercises were set up to improve responses and efficiencies for all aspects relating to the warfighting effort. Exercise Unified Resolve was initiated in 2012 and has become an annual computer-assisted exercise designed to test command and control capabilities within the Canadian Army. Speaking about Unified Resolve back in 2016, Brigadier-General Trevor Cadieu noted the criticality of simulation exercises for the leadership of the brigade. “It allows us to stress test some of our planning and procedures without needing to pull 4,000 troops into the field, away from their families and other duties,” said then-Commander of 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group. Full article:

  • Simthetiq Awarded Contract from Canada’s DND

    December 7, 2018 | Local, Aerospace

    Simthetiq Awarded Contract from Canada’s DND

    Simthetiq has been awarded a new contract under the CASE SEM contract from the Canadian Department on National Defence (NDN) to grow the Canadian Armed Forces's (CAF) access to additional simulation entity models from their interoperable 3D Model Library. Simthetiq was selected in 2016 for the unique benefits offered by their X1 library, such as the ability to publish to multiple simulation formats, accessto source files and the capacity to further enhance the 3D models with crucial functionalities such as material encoding for sensor/thermal simulation. Vincent Cloutier, CEO of Simthetiq said “We are extremely proud of our continuing role as a supplier to the Canadian DND. We are looking forward to supporting the growing needs of existing and new CAF customers as well as expanding the use of Simthetiq's library by other allied nations.”

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