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June 15, 2023 | International, Aerospace

Six questions with France’s Air and Space Force chief

Gen. Mille discussed the French military’s efforts toward an all-Rafale fighter fleet, among other capability goals for the force.

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  • Four European armored vehicles qualify for Polish competition

    September 10, 2020 | International, Land

    Four European armored vehicles qualify for Polish competition

    By: Jaroslaw Adamowski KIELCE, Poland — Poland has accepted four offers to move forward in a competition to potentially provide several hundred armored personnel carriers to the country's military, the Ministry of Defence announced. Out of the 12 vehicles submitted in the initial stage of the tender, the ministry accepted four APCs: Fortress MK2, jointly offered by France's Arquus and Poland's H. Cegielski-Poznan plant. Hawkei, developed by French firm Thales. Patriot II, offered by Polish manufacturer Huta Stalowa Wola and Czech defense group Tatra Export. Tur V, developed by Polish vehicle-maker AMZ Kutno. The Fortress MK2 weighs 14.5 tons, and its engine is enabled with a 340-horsepower (250-kilowatt) capacity. The Hawkei is a 7-ton vehicle, and its engine offers 268-horsepower. The Patriot II weighs 13-17 tons, depending on the version, and its engine enabled with 362-402-horsepower capacity. Weighing 9 tons, the Tur V is fitted with an engine that offers a 322-horsepower capacity. By the end of this year, the Polish ministry is expected to provide the tender's participants with detailed technical specifications. Under the plan, the vehicle will be produced in Poland, and the first units are to be delivered to the Polish military two years after the contract is awarded.

  • Rafael eyes Polish short-range air defense tender

    September 9, 2020 | International, Aerospace

    Rafael eyes Polish short-range air defense tender

    KIELCE, Poland — Israel's Rafael Advanced Defense Systems hopes it will secure a deal to supply the SkyCeptor interceptors under Poland's much-awaited, short-range Narew air defense tender. At the MSPO defense industry show in Kielce, Rafael's representatives said the company was determined to further develop its longstanding cooperation with the Polish industry as part of this program. Since 2004, local state-owned Mesko plant has produced the Spike LR anti-tank guided missile under a license acquired from Rafael. Poland has selected Raytheon's Patriot missiles to provide the country's medium-range air defense capacities, and the Israeli producer claims its system will be highly compatible with the U.S. missiles owing to the companies' cooperation. “Our technology is combat-proven and modular, and Poland would be able to perfectly integrate it with other layers of its air defense system. This technology is state-of-the-art, and we would also ensure it is transferred to the Polish defense industry, just like we did with the Spike contract,” Roland Steinbrecher, the regional director for international marketing and business development at Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, told Defense News. Under the medium-range Wisla program, the Polish Ministry of Defence awarded a $4.75 billion deal to Raytheon in 2018. The Narew program is expected to be worth a further $5.3 billion.

  • US Air Force's 'flying car' coming to an exercise near you

    June 17, 2022 | International, Aerospace

    US Air Force's 'flying car' coming to an exercise near you

    The Air Force is gearing up for Agility Prime's first procurements in 2023, and is getting ready to start fielding the innovative eVTOL aircraft.

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