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February 9, 2018 | Information, Aerospace, Naval, Land, C4ISR, Security

Doing business with NATO

Canada has a new representative at the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA / NCI Agency). Ms Joanna Glowacki started this fall and is ready to help Canadian companies connect with NATO ICT business opportunities. She can be reached at or +32 (0)2 707.82.27

As you know, Canada has established a new Liaison Officer at the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) in Capellen, Luxembourg. Lieutenant-Colonel Martin Bedard arrived in the summer and some of you have already been engaging with him. Martin's email address is

Canadian companies are encouraged to continue to track NATO business opportunities on the websites of the two NATO Acquisition Agencies – NCI Agency and NSPA.

For companies tracking ICT business opportunities at NATO, it is recommended that you follow the NCI Agency Bulletin Board website for the latest updates on current business opportunities. If you see an opportunity of interest, shown on the website as a Notice of Intent (NOI), notify the Canadian Delegation to be added to the bidders list. There is no cost to receive the bid package and no commitment to bid once on the bidders list, although for each and every opportunity you must notify Canada's Delegation to NATO at to be added to the bidders list.

For NATO business opportunities in the area of logistics and maintenance, the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) website is: You should also register your company as a supplier of NSPA – there is no cost and no commitment to register your company – so you start to receive notices of NSPA business opportunities in your domain. You can register at the following link: You can also view “Future Business Opportunities” on the NSPA database: Right click on an item of interest for more detail. Check out as well the “Request for Proposal” opportunities at the same site – right side of page.

You can also look at the following webpages for general information:

Guide to navigating NATO procurement:

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about NATO business opportunities:

Guide pour la navigation- Acquisitions au sein de l'OTAN:

Réponses aux questions fréquemment posées sur les opportunités d'affaires de l'OTAN:

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  • Defence procurement - Land

    February 2, 2018 | Information, Land

    Defence procurement - Land

    The Major projects - Land directorate is responsible for acquisition related to several Department of National Defence projects, including the Medium support vehicle system project and the Tactical armoured patrol vehicle project. Medium support vehicle system Logistic vehicle modernization Tactical armoured patrol vehicle Medium support vehicle system A cornerstone of army transformation, the Medium support vehicle system project will replace the department of National Defence's existing Medium logistics vehicle wheeled with two new vehicles as follows: a quantity of up to 1,500 Standard Military Pattern trucks for operational units as well as logistics support for the life expectancy of the vehicle estimated at 20 years; and a quantity of 1,300 "Militarized" Commercial Off-The-Shelf trucks for Reserve training in Canada. The project will also acquire up to 300 trailers, up to 150 armour protection systems and up to 1,000 Special Equipment Vehicles (SEV) Shelters and associated Kitting. The kits consist of tailored workspaces such as medical units or command posts, which are fitted to the SEV Shelters. Once installed on a truck, they convert that vehicle into a specialized unit such as a dental clinic or an equipment repair facility. Logistic vehicle modernization The Logistic vehicle modernisation project seeks to acquire modern light and have logistice vehicle fleet capabilities. Project deliverables may include, but not be limited to, new vehicles, trailers, flat racks, specialized vehicle mounted modules, special containers and bulk material handling systems. The project is replacing two fleets: the Heavy logistic vehicle wheeled and the Logistic support vehicle wheeled, and two minor fleets: the Heavy engineer support vehicles generations 1 and 2. These trucks will be used to carry light and heavy cargo with various vehicle configurations and roles for domestic and expeditionary training and operations. These fleets of light and heavy logistics vehicles are in need of replacement due to their age and waning ability. Tactical armoured patrol vehicle On June 7, 2012, the Government of Canada awarded Textron Systems Canada Inc. (TSCI), contracts for 500 Tactical armoured patrol vehicles (TAPV), as well as logistics support for the life expectancy of the vehicle estimated at 25 years. TSCI was awarded the contracts after a comprehensive two-stage procurement process involving a Statement of Interest and Qualification phase as well as a Request for Proposal process in which four companies ultimately submitted proposals. Canada's Industrial and Regional Benefit policy was a mandatory element of the TAPV procurement, where TSCI is required to undertake business activity in Canada valued at 100 percent of the value of both TAPV contracts, thereby ensuring a dollar-for-dollar investment in the canadian economy. The TAPV is a wheeled combat vehicle that will fulfill a wide variety of roles including but not limited to reconnaissance and surveillance, security, command and control, cargo, and armored personnel carrier. It will have a high degree of tactical mobility and provide a very high degree of survivability to its crew. Armoured vehicles The Armoured vehicles projects directorate is responsible for the acquisition, integration and in-service support of Wheeled and tracked armoured vehicles. In addition, the Directorate is responsible for managing the procurement of the following projects under the Family of land combat vehicles (FLCV) program, which seeks to upgrade or replace the current fleet of land combat vehicles. The FLCV projects under the directorate responsibility consist of the Light armoured vehicle (LAV III) upgrade and the Force mobility enhancement (FME). Leopard 2 family of vehicles Wheeled light armoured vehicles support Project management office light armoured vehicles and light armoured vehicle III upgrade Light armoured vehicle – Reconnaissance surveillance system upgrade project Leopard 2 family of vehicles The Leopard 2 family of vehicles consists of the Tank replacement project and the Force mobility enhancement project. The Tank replacement project was established in 2007 to loan combat-ready Leopard 2 A6M tanks from Germany to support the operation in Afghanistan and to acquire 100 surplus modern Leopard 2 main battle tanks, from the Netherlands, to meet the operational and training needs of the department of National Defence. The total project value is estimated at $650M. Delivery of the Leopard 2 A4 training tank variant was completed in October 2014. The project also procures Leopard 2-based Armoured recovery vehicles (ARV) to support the Leopard 2 main battle tank fleets. Delivery of the first ARV was completed in November 2014. The last ARV is scheduled to be delivered in December 2015. The Force mobility enhancement project was established in 2009 for the acquisition of Leopard 2-based armoured engineering vehicles to support the Leopard 2 main battle tank fleets and to procure and integrate implements for the various Leopard 2 fleets, such as mine rollers, mine ploughs and dozer blades. The total project value is estimated at $376M. Initial delivery of the vehicles is expected in November 2015. Wheeled light armoured vehicles support Responsible for in-service support of the Canadian Forces fleets of Wheeled Light Armoured Vehicles (WLAV) consisting of 651 LAV III, 203 Coyote, 199 Bison and 75 RG-31. In-service support consists of spare part procurement, repair and overhaul, program management, fleet management and engineering support services. The Optimized Weapon System Support (OWSS) contract for the WLAV is the main procurement instrument, and covers the vast majority of the required support. A significant portion of OWSS for WLAVis sub-contracted. Separate government contracts exist to cover other needs associated with additional armoured protection and specialized armament. In-service support is also provided to other WLAV variants under separate contractual arrangements with their respective Original Equipment Manufacturers. Prime Contractor: General Dynamics Land Systems – Canada, London, Ontario. Project management office light armoured vehicles and light armoured vehicle III upgrade The Project management office (PMO) Light armoured vehicles (LAV) provides strategic procurement leadership, contract management and administration services to the department of National Defence for all LAV projects. It is now delivering the LAV III upgrade project. The LAV III upgrade project valued at $1.4B, will deliver mobility, protection and lethality upgrades on 550 LAV IIIs, with an option for an additional 60, over the next three years. Light armoured vehicle – Reconnaissance surveillance system upgrade project The PMO LAV is also responsible for developing and executing the procurement strategy, as well as for providing contract management, for the Department of National Defence's LRSS Upgrade project. This Project will modernize Land Force reconnaissance and surveillance capabilities. Modernization will be achieved through the acquisition of new sensor suites, vehicle and ground mounts, operator control stations and silent watch power supplies. These systems and equipment will collectively increase the performance of the LRSS and enhance the capacity to collect, process and disseminate information on the battlefield. The contracting office will be responsible for the overall management of this complex acquisition process, the timely delivery of procurement services, and to provide leadership, expertise and strategic level guidance in sourcing the LRSS from industry.

  • Bourget 2019 : IAI dévoilera le drone T-Heron

    June 10, 2019 | Information, Aerospace

    Bourget 2019 : IAI dévoilera le drone T-Heron

    A l'occasion de l'édition 2019 du salon du Bourget, Israel Aerospace Industries dévoilera son nouveau drone T-Heron. Israel Aerospace Industries a annoncé le 4 juin que le salon du Bourget serait l'occasion de présenter son nouveau drone militaire, le T-Heron. Ce dernier né dans la famille Heron pourra être employé pour la conduite de missions tactiques. Il permettra de collecter et transférer des informations vers les forces au sol. Capable d'emporter une charge utile de 180 kilos, le T-Heron a été conçu afin de pouvoir être équipé de différents types de capteurs en fonction des missions opérationnelles. Afin de mettre au point ce nouvel aéronef, IAI a capitalisé sur son expérience dans le domaine des drones. Ainsi, l'industriel rappelle que la famille des drones Heron a accumulé plus de 1 700 000 heures de vol en opérations.

  • Limited Service for Business Opporutnities Monitoring

    April 12, 2023 | Information, Aerospace, Naval, Land, C4ISR, Security, Other Defence

    Limited Service for Business Opporutnities Monitoring

    The service for business opportunities monitoring will be limited in the coming days. This situation is beyond our control and involves a system migration on the government side, which makes access to information more difficult. We are currently working on a solution to restore the service. Thank you for your understanding.

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