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March 25, 2020 | International, C4ISR

Barrett announces new US partnership and US Government contract

Perth, Western Australia – Monday March 23, 2020 – Barrett Communications is pleased to announce its partnership with US company Royal Communications International, Inc. and the award of a follow-on FMS contract with the US Mission in Central Asia.

Royal Communications have provided sales and support for HF radio communications solutions for over 30 years and is ideally positioned within the US to team with Barrett in delivering sales, training, installation, technical and warranty support for the full range of Barrett HF solutions.

Barrett Communications USA Corp. General Manager, John Eschenfelder said, “Our US investment strategy is two-fold, our partnership with Royal Communications and our US manufacturing facility provides us a truly ‘Made in USA' product, bringing us closer to our US customer base and enhancing our ability to deliver the next level in product and customer service in the USA.”

The latest phase of the US-funded Counter Narcotics Global Threats program has been delivered by Barrett Communications. The delivered PRC-2090 HF manpack and vehicle systems will enhance and expand the strategic communications and force tracking capabilities to the mission, strengthening border security and preventing illegal trafficking.

Mr. Andrew Burt, Barrett Communications CEO, commented “We live in unprecedented times and conditions are changing rapidly. Barrett Communications are committed to ensuring the supply of our products and solutions, and as a global company we are investing in our manufacturing and support capability globally to ensure our customers continue to receive the personalized service they are accustomed to.”

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